Our SharePoint Online Intranet solution has simplified the work processes of a financial services skills company

FWD Training & Consultancy is a leading apprenticeship and training provider for the financial services sector. In recent years the company has experienced significant growth, with around 50 staff and trainers now operating from their Kent office as well as remote locations.

Unfortunately, business systems had not developed in-line with company growth. Various efforts had been made to try and provide staff with a way of storing company documents and resources. The result however was as many as eight separate storage locations, each managed and formatted in its own way. A unified solution was needed.

SharePoint Online Intranet

Akita was able to utilise FWD’s existing Office 365 licences to deliver a cost-effective SharePoint Online intranet solution. Following scoping, all content was sourced from the various separate locations and processed to remove duplicate or unnecessary information. A new instance structure was then created, and all company content categorised by department. Content was also tagged to ensure it is easy to find either through search or by filtering.

To ensure that the company could store all relevant documents securely in one location, Office 365 user groups were created for the SharePoint Online intranet. This ensures that only staff with the correct permissions can view sensitive content such as financial, safeguarding or HR-related documents.

Features were also developed for the intranet to improve internal communication and develop a sense of community for staff working both in-house and remotely. A branded news page displays the latest company updates, while a calendar shows any relevant company or cultural dates that staff may need to be aware of. There is also a ‘suggestion box’ function that allows for staff to make recommendations. These are then moderated by the SharePoint admins before being posted onto the intranet homepage.


The new SharePoint Online intranet has introduced more efficient working for FWD. Staff now only need to check one place for the documents and files they need, with the new structure making content easy to locate.

The new intranet has also boosted flexible working, with staff able to access files on the go from PC or mobile device. As a feature of SharePoint Online, staff can also work collaboratively on documents, meaning remote and office-based staff can complete documents at the same time.

FWD’s new SharePoint Online intranet has also helped to generate a sense of company identity thanks to the news and calendar features. This has also helped to improve employee engagement with staff not based in the main office, keeping them informed about new developments and more able to engage.

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