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Our sales CRM solutions provide a centralised platform to manage customer interactions, track sales activities, and analyse data.

By offering real-time insights and automating routine tasks, CRM systems enable sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals. CRM solutions streamline the sales process, improve efficiency, and enhance the ability to meet and exceed sales targets.

Akita is a leading CRM software solutions partner for sales teams across London and the UK. Our expertise in CRM implementation and customisation helps organisations optimise their sales processes and drive growth.

We understand the challenges faced by sales teams and offer solutions that help them achieve their operational goals. With our CRM solutions, your team can gain valuable insights, enhance customer engagement, and boost overall sales performance.

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Why CRM Software Is Essential For Sales Success

CRM software plays a critical role in modern sales management by providing a structured approach to tracking leads, managing customer interactions, and closing deals more efficiently.

CRM solutions enables sales teams to monitor every stage of the sales pipeline, ensuring that no opportunities fall through the cracks. By centralising customer information and sales activities, CRM systems provide a clear view of the sales process, helping managers make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Benefits of CRM software for sales include:

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Improved Customer Data Management: CRM systems centralise customer information, making it easily accessible and ensuring it’s always up-to-date. This comprehensive view of customer data helps sales teams understand customer needs and tailor their sales strategies accordingly.

Enhanced Communication: CRM software facilitates better communication within the sales team and with customers. Automated follow-ups, reminders, and personalised communication templates ensure timely and consistent interactions to enhance customer relationships and build trust.

Increased Sales Productivity: By automating routine tasks and providing tools for efficient lead management, CRM software boosts sales productivity. Sales representatives can focus more on selling and less on admin, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales performance.

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Akita: Tailoring CRM Software For Sales Teams Around The World

We specialise in providing bespoke CRM software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of sales departments. With extensive experience in CRM implementation and customisation, we ensure your sales team have the tools they need to succeed. We understand that every sales team operates differently, and our tailored solutions reflect this, offering functionality and features that align with your specific sales processes and strategies.

We take a personalised approach to customising CRM solutions, ensuring they’re perfectly aligned with your sales goals and wider objectives. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current sales processes, challenges, and targets. We then design and implement a CRM system that enhances your workflow, improves lead management, and provides actionable insights.

By integrating advanced analytics, automated workflows, and real-time reporting, our CRM solutions help sales teams work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you need to track leads, manage customer interactions, or analyse sales performance, we can deliver a solution that supports your strategic goals and drives growth.

Features of Akita CRM Software for Sales

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Lead And Opportunity Management

Our Microsoft CRM solutions offer robust lead and opportunity management tools that enable sales teams to track and nurture leads through the entire sales pipeline. Sales representatives can easily capture and organise leads, prioritise them based on potential, and convert them into opportunities. This streamlined process ensures leads never get overlooked and opportunities are always maximised.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting is essential for effective strategy planning. Akita’s CRM solutions come with advanced reporting and forecasting features that use historical data and predictive analytics to project future sales performance. These forecasts help sales managers set realistic targets, allocate resources effectively, and make informed, strategic decisions.

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Customer Segmentation

Our CRM solutions provide customer segmentation capabilities, allowing sales teams to categorise customers based on various criteria such as demographics, purchase history, and behaviour. This segmentation enables more targeted and personalised sales strategies, improving customer engagement and conversion rates.

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Analytics And Reporting

Our CRM solutions offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that provide real-time insights into sales performance. Sales teams can generate detailed reports on key metrics such as sales revenue, win rates, and customer acquisition costs. These insights help identify trends, measure the effectiveness of sales strategies, and promote data-driven decision making.

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Integrating CRM Software Into Your Sales Strategy

Integrating a CRM solution into your existing sales strategy is a seamless process with Akita. Our systems are designed for ease of adoption and offer the flexibility to fit your unique requirements. We prioritise causing minimal disruption during the transition, allowing your sales team to quickly adapt and start leveraging the new tools for maximum benefit.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the integration process. Our team of experts works closely with your organisation to understand your specific requirements and tailor the CRM setup accordingly. We ensure that the initial setup is smooth, with thorough training sessions for your staff to get them up to speed quickly.

Additionally, we offer ongoing assistance to address any challenges and optimise the CRM system’s performance. Our proactive approach ensures you can fully leverage your solution to enhance efficiency, improve data accuracy, and boost sales performance.

CRM Software Solutions For Different Sales Models

Our CRM solutions are highly adaptable, and designed to meet the needs of various sales models including B2B and B2C. Get the flexibility to customise workflows, automate tasks, and deliver insights tailored to the specific requirements of your sales strategy. Whether you’re managing complex B2B relationships or fast-paced B2C transactions, our CRM systems enhance efficiency and drive better outcomes.

We have numerous case studies showcasing successful CRM implementations across different sales models and industries:

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Training And Support: Empowering Your Sales Team

Comprehensive training and ongoing support are crucial for leveraging CRM software to its full potential.

Our training programs are designed to enhance user competency and as a result, system utilisation. We offer tailored training sessions that cover all aspects of our CRM solutions, ensuring your team understands how to effectively use its features and tools. These sessions will be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation and users, whether you require basic user training or advanced support.

In addition to initial training, we provide ongoing support services to ensure your team continues to make the most of the CRM system. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that arise, offering prompt and effective solutions. We also provide regular updates and additional training resources to keep your team up-to-date with the latest features and best practices.

FAQs: CRM For Sales

How does Akita ensure data security within the CRM system?

Data security is a top priority for us. Our CRM software incorporates advanced security measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure your data remains protected at all times.

How customisable are Akita CRM solutions?

Our CRM solutions are highly customisable to fit the unique needs of your organisation. You can tailor workflows, fields, and reports to match your specific processes and requirements.

What kind of reporting capabilities does CRM offer?

Akita's CRM software offers robust reporting capabilities, including real-time analytics, customisable reports, and dashboards. These features provide valuable insights into your sales performance and help you make data-driven decisions.

How long does it take to implement the CRM software?

The implementation time varies depending on the complexity of your requirements and the size of your business. However, our team works efficiently to ensure a smooth and timely implementation process.

How does Akita handle data migration from an existing CRM system?

Our team provides expert assistance with data migration to ensure a seamless transition from your existing CRM system to Akita IS's CRM software. We ensure that all your data is accurately transferred and properly configured in the new system.

Can CRM software be accessed remotely?

Yes, our CRM software is cloud-based, allowing you to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility ensures that your sales team can stay connected and productive, whether they are in the office or on the go.

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