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Microsoft SharePoint Migration Services

Utilise our SharePoint migration services to transition to smarter digital working solutions

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Simplify your digital transformation with assistance from Akita’s trusted SharePoint migration consultants.

Our SharePoint migration services can support organisations moving from a wide variety of cloud platforms and onsite solutions to SharePoint Online. And our team of consultants mastermind each migration to meet operational needs and deadlines.

So whether your organisation is moving to SharePoint from another storage solution, or looking to align disparate cloud storage solutions with an organisation-wide solution, our SharePoint consultants can support you in your project.

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Migrating To Smarter Operations In SharePoint

Many of the Microsoft SharePoint projects Akita undertakes entail some element of migration.

Moving from cloud storage platforms to SharePoint is one of the most common migration requests. Whether you’re a small business looking to move away from small/personal cloud storage solutions, or an organisation looking for a better cloud storage solution, our SharePoint migration consultants will be happy to show you the benefits of moving to SharePoint Online.

sharepoint migration services

Common solutions we migrate from include Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Confluence, Box and AWS.  Whatever your setup, our SharePoint migration experts will be able to help.

Microsoft SharePoint offers a more professional, advanced and scalable solution. It’s built to grow with your business rather than hold it back. With 1TB of free storage included with SharePoint Online (and the option to expand after that), your organisation has the space to grow and experience the wider benefits (policy management, intranet, communication site etc.)

sharepoint migration services

File Server To SharePoint Online Migration

Our SharePoint migration experts helped an electronics manufacturer move away from a legacy server to SharePoint Online, reducing IT costs

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Microsoft SharePoint Migration Services

A simple and transparent approach to Microsoft SharePoint Online migration pricing

QuickStart SharePoint Starter Site - From £600

If you're ready to migrate but just need SharePoint tenant setup, our starter site offers the perfect solution for you to get underway with a new storage solution

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Migration of up to 200GB of data - £1,560

Comprehensive migration including:
• Design and configure a SharePoint Online instance based on current folder structure
• Branded with your choice of colours and logos
• SharePoint Hub site created based on current or new environment.
• 1 hour consultation & 1 hour training.

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Migration of up to 200GB+ of data - £2,600*

Advanced migration including:
• Design and configure a SharePoint Online instance based on current folder structure
• Branded with your choice of colours and logos
• SharePoint Hub site created based on current or new environment.
• Includes 2 business apps your choice. Choose from: Policy Management, Expenses App, Credit Card Receipts App, Mileage Calculator & Overtime Calculator.
• 1 hour consultation & 1 hour training.

Pricing subject to data migration size. Get in touch for more information

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sharepoint migration services

Our Migration Process

Our SharePoint consultants are experts in both the processes and tools needed to undertake an effective migration:

Discover & Scope: We start with consultancy to uncover your current pain points. Scoping then ensures that your new solution addresses these and meets your future requirements. We’ll also help you to rationalise your data and ensure that you only migrate the information you need.

Development: Based on scoping we’ll prepare a new SharePoint site configured to match all of the organisation’s requirements discussed. We’ll even brand it to your organisation and assist with any wider Microsoft 365 integrations or security configurations.

Migration: We’ll then undertake the migration process using market-leading migration tools.

Handover & Aftercare: Once complete, we perform handover including any relevant training to ensure your users are confident in the platform and know how to get the best from your new SharePoint solution. We’ll then provide support immediately after deployment in case any minor changes are required.

a new collaborative area for file storage and management

Case Study: Dropbox To SharePoint Online Migration

Our SharePoint migration project helped an electronics manufacturer move away from a legacy Dropbox solution

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SharePoint migration

Sharepoint On-Premise To Online Migration

This very common migration allows organisations to unlock all the benefits of SharePoint Online: available everywhere, always up-to-date, Microsoft’s cloud hosting, high levels of security and more.

Our On-Premise to SharePoint Online migration will often include modernisation of your SharePoint instance, allowing you to unlock all of the features available in the SharePoint Modern experience that are not present with older on-premise editions.

Our migration service will include scoping the structures and files that require migrating. We’ll also conduct stakeholder engagement within your organisation to establish how a new instance can most benefit work processes.

sharepoint migration services

File Server To SharePoint Online Migration

SharePoint Online is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional file servers. With SharePoint Online, each organisation can access up to 1TB of storage with an additional 10GB per user – more than enough storage for most SMEs.

SharePoint Online also offers a more flexible way to access and collaborate on files, allowing users to access files from their mobile devices and edit documents simultaneously. Our file server to SharePoint Online migration service can, therefore, make your organisation more agile in its collaboration.

For more about replacing a file server with SharePoint Online, download our guide:

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About Akita Intelligent Solutions

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading SharePoint developer. Our SharePoint experts design, develop and support SharePoint solutions for organisations across the UK and internationally.

With their depth of expertise, they’re able to suggest and implement solutions that have been proven to deliver results for some of the most prestigious organisations and brands in the UK and internationally.

Their expertise also extends into wider business apps, systems and processes. So they’ll also be able to advise on integration with Microsoft 365 products as well as third-party applications and software. They can also guide you on best practices and how to future-proof the solutions you’re implementing.

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sharepoint migration services
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