Akita offer microsoft dynamics hosting from our data centres

Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Services

Move On-premise Microsoft Dynamics and Navision setup to a cost-effective cloud environment

Professional Hosting For On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics Setups

Many organisations still run effective on-premises versions of Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics Navision (NAV).

While Akita can support migration to Dynamics 365, Business Central or Dynamics 365 F&O, we can also provide hosting for on-premise versions within our enterprise-grade cloud environments or a public cloud service as desired.

Moving to our Microsoft Dynamics hosting service can assist organisations to maximise the lifespan of their Microsoft CRM or ERP system.

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Benefits Of Hosting On-premise Microsoft Dynamics Or Navision

For whatever reason an organisation is using an on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics, there are plenty of reasons to consider migrating to Akita’s cloud environment.

For a start, Microsoft Dynamics is intensive on in-house servers. Migrating to the cloud can free up capacity and save you money on the cost of maintaining these servers (server cooling alone can cost an organisation several hundred pounds a month).

Hosting with Akita also ensures scalability. In our data centres, your Microsoft Dynamics instance can grow as large as you need it to. This means you avoid the cost of upgrading servers for more space. Microsoft’s cost for cloud storage is also much higher than our own, so you’ll potentially be saving money by hosting with us rather than migrating to Dynamics 365.

A hosted Dynamics instance is also more flexible to use. With the appropriate security in place, users will be able to access Dynamics from any location or device they want, and won’t be tied to being in the office

Migrating to the cloud can also minimise risk. Any Dynamics instance hosted on an on-site server should be backed up for business continuity purposes. Migrating to our cloud environment means we take care of both your Dynamics instance and your backups, meaning fewer things for you to worry about.

Some organisations may also have had security concerns around hosting within Microsoft’s cloud environment or other public hosting environments, and the possibility of having data replicated around the world. Our data centres are located in the UK, so you know exactly where your data is – that it will be GDPR compliant.

We can even arrange a visit to our data centre locations if this is important to you.

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About Our Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Solutions

Whatever version of Dynamics you’re running, we can help you migrate to our cloud setup. Our consultants will carefully review your instance to determine the best strategy, then undertake the migration at the least disruptive time for your organisation.

Akita operates our own enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure from two of the UK’s leading data centres. These data centres have the highest standards of security and disaster protection, ensuring excellent uptime and reliability.

Our cloud environment is monitored 24/7 by our infrastructure team, who will also manage your data backups to ensure they are secure and reliable should you need them.

And if you’re considering a wider cloud migration for your organisation, our IT division can assist with this as well.

Public Vs Private Cloud For Microsoft Dynamics Hosting

When hosting Microsoft Dynamics or Navision, organisations must choose between public and private cloud environments, with each offering distinct benefits.

Public cloud services – such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services – offer scalability and flexibility. These platforms are beneficial for organisations with fluctuating workloads, allowing seamless scaling. The shared infrastructure model of public clouds means capacity is there, but data sovereignty and compliance concerns may arise. Costs can also vary month to month which is problematic for budgeting.

In contrast, private cloud hosting provides a more controlled environment. This is ideal for businesses prioritising security, compliance (such as GDPR) and customisation. With a private cloud, the infrastructure environment is dedicated to one organisation, ensuring greater control over data management and security. This is beneficial for industries with stringent regulatory requirements, such as finance or healthcare. Private clouds also allow for tailored configurations to meet specific needs, offering higher performance and reliability. However, these benefits come with higher costs, as businesses must invest in and maintain their own infrastructure.

By leveraging Akita’s private cloud, businesses can ensure their Microsoft Dynamics and hosted Navision deployments are secure, compliant, and optimised for performance. Akita’s expertise in cloud management allows organisations to benefit from a service tailored to their needs.

Akita’s commitment to customer support ensures issues are promptly addressed, providing a seamless cloud hosting experience. This makes Akita’s private cloud hosting an excellent choice for businesses seeking to maximise the benefits of hosted Microsoft Dynamics and Navision.

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Akita offer microsoft dynamics hosting from our data centres
Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Services

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