Trust in a professionalproject manager to get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment.

Whether it’s a new project, an outsourced project that’s gone awry, or an in-house project that needs additional support, Akita can help bring your Microsoft Dynamics aims to fruition.

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Benefits Of A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management Partner

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 CRM implementations fail. The state of failure ranges from total unsuccessful implementation, inability to integrate key programs, development costs far exceeding original estimates or ineffective user adoption.

Frequently, failure is the result of poor project management. Thus when undertaking a CRM or ERP implementation project, it’s both important and cost-effective to ensure you have the best possible management for your works. This is where our Dynamics project management services can assist.

Managing Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project

Whether it’s a new Dynamics 365 installation or additional silo development for an existing setup, an expert CRM project manager will deliver effective Microsoft Dynamics project oversight.

From initial consultancy to configuring additional integrations, our experience in implementing a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects makes us a great partner for project management.

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Our Project Management Approach

Akita adopts an Agile project methodology for Microsoft Dynamics 365 development.

The Agile project methodology divides projects into small sections (known as ‘sprints’) that are then completed in intense sessions. Sessions are run across all phases of a project, from design through to testing.

As part of Dynamics project management, sprints are kept short to ensure elements are completed exactly as per the scoping/consultancy phase of the project. This also allows our consultants to deliver fast responses to feedback received on their projects.

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The Agile approach allows for a minimum number of stakeholders to be involved in the end-to-end project. Instead, individuals can be brought into relevant sprints or sessions as and when required. This ensures resource efficiency and guarantees that any overall change to the direction of a Dynamics project can only be actioned by the main stakeholder/s. It also means that sprints can be run simultaneously if needed (in contrast to waterfall methodology), again achieving greater time efficiency.

Our Agile approach means our CRM project managers do not conduct traditional project management roles. Instead, regular overviews of project progression between stakeholders and these consultants ensure that all sprints are completed on time and with minimal need for change control at the end of the project. This then reduces the chances of the project incurring additional costs outside of those identified in scoping.

Going live with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Finishing the development of a new Microsoft Dynamics instance is only the beginning for a project manager.

When you’re ready, Akita can ensure you’re comfortable using Microsoft Dynamics 365. This can include engagement and training with senior management, either to teach them how to get the information they want or to set up the automatic reports and data visualisations they require.

We can also run staff training sessions. Held either onsite or via video call, we can give employees the right level of knowledge and access required for staff roles.

Support Managed Service

Post-delivery, our service can continue to ensure success.

Our Dynamics 365 support managed service can provide banked time for use for break/fix issues. It can also be used to serve additional training requirements and answer ‘how-to’ questions.

And if you find your organisations using Microsoft Dynamics in ways you didn’t expect, time can also be used to tailor your CRM closer to your needs or to plan a fresh development

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