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Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Enhancing internal communication, simplifying file management and automating processes

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Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and content management application that enables organisations to share, manage and collaborate on information across teams, departments and geographies.

Our SharePoint solutions allow users to store and collaborate on files, share news, and automate business tasks and processes.

SharePoint has the capacity to integrate with additional Microsoft products such as Teams and Office 365, as well as other third-party software, and can be customised to fit specific business needs.

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SharePoint is a multi-faceted, cloud-based application that can developed to fulfil a wide range of functions. Below we outline some of the most common SharePoint solutions that Akita develops:

Intranets & Communication Sites

Internal websites for sharing information with staff bases

Portals & Extranets

External Websites for sharing information with valued contacts and clients

Document Management

Smarter solutions for storing, sharing and collaborating on documents

Digital Asset Managers

Organisation solution designed to save time and improve user experience

Project Management Tools

Tools for organising, planning and streamlining projects of all sizes

HR Solutions

HR management software to simplify common tasks

SharePoint For Teams

SharePoint integrates with Teams for added functionality

QuickStart SharePoint Sites

Our packaged SharePoint sites, delivered at a fixed price

Expert SharePoint Partner

Alongside the development of SharePoint solutions are team of experts support organisations across every aspect of their SharePoint requirement. From consultancy to project management to helpdesk support, our SharePoint services are utilised by some of the world’s leading brands and organisations. Discover more:


Our SharePoint developers design solutions both for SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise. SharePoint solutions can be fully bespoke and individual to your organisation, or we can also suggest common developments that we think you may benefit from.

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Our dedicated SharePoint consultants take the time to understand your operations, and in doing so, find gaps where our SharePoint solutions could help. They’ll present all the options to fit your timeframe and budget, and recommend exactly what they think would be most fitted to your processes.

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Project Management

Project management is important when engaging in a SharePoint development, implementation, or migration process. Our service ensures that measures are being taken to accurately represent your organisational goals, whilst also guaranteeing the project is completed in time and within budget.

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Our SharePoint migrations give you the peace of mind that the transfer of your valuable information is in safe hands. We make sure that your move causes as little business disruption as possible, by pursuing the actual data migration outside of your business hours.

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Our expert SharePoint consultants are available to train user bases of any size. We typically conduct training in groups of up to 10 to ensure a strong engagement. Training can take place in a range of ways, either in person, over a video call or through training videos.

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SharePoint does not automatically backup your data. SharePoint keeps deleted or altered files for a 30-day period, but for no longer. Using our SharePoint backup service, you can be sure that your information is always there and can’t be lost.

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Our ongoing support service means you can always come to us with issues, questions or queries relating to your SharePoint instance. Our SharePoint consultants will already know your systems if we setup for you, and if not, they will take the time to understand how your organisation works.

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SharePoint Solutions

Fast SharePoint Implementation

For organisations wanting to get you up and running with Microsoft SharePoint fast, our QuickStart SharePoint packages offer a straightforward SharePoint site implementation delivered in as little as five days. Starting from just £600, organisations receive all of the setup and training staff need to get ahead with a basic SharePoint setup (that can then be expanded upon in the future as desired).

We also offer an enhanced site for £1650, for organisations needing more functionality; including features such as expanded libraries, metadata configuration, advanced permission and access management and customised pages and navigation.

We also offer bespoke implementations if our fixed packages don’t fit your operations.

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Wider Microsoft 365 Capabilities

Many of the SharePoint projects we engage with require multiple Microsoft solutions, seamlessly integrated to form a single solution. Discover our wider capabilities and how they can be utilised to construct custom solutions:

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions FAQ

How can I access SharePoint?

Many organisations have access to Microsoft SharePoint available through their current Microsoft business licensing. This provides them with SharePoint as a cloud-based application and up to 1TB of organisational storage at no extra charge. Get in touch with our SharePoint experts to discuss your licensing situation:

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Is SharePoint the same as OneDrive?

No. OneDrive is a personal cloud storage service for individual use, allowing users to access files from anywhere with an internet connection. SharePoint on the other hand is a collaboration and content management platform designed for team and enterprise use, providing tools for team collaboration, document management and process automation. They both have their place, but things can quickly go wrong when users start using OneDrive when they should be using SharePoint

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How much storage do you get with SharePoint?

All SharePoint instances start with 1TB of storage available per organisation. Then depending on the number of users in your organisation, an extra 10GB per license will be added.

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What is a SharePoint library?

A SharePoint library is a collection of files and folders that can be shared and managed by a group of people. Libraries can have custom metadata, versioning, and permissions settings. These features make SharePoint perfect for document management:

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Can I create and manage permissions for users SharePoint?

Yes, SharePoint offers advanced user management preferences - from who can see data to what they can do with it (read-only, edit etc.) We can setup user access permissions as part of any SharePoint project. Alternatively, we can link SharePoint to any wider Microsoft 365 or Azure AD security settings you might currently have in place.

Can SharePoint integrate with other applications?

Yes. SharePoint indigenously connects with Microsoft 365 applications including Office 365, Teams, Outlook and even Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP solutions. We can also assist organisations with wider application integrations including platforms such as DocuSign, wider CRM & ERP technology (SAP, Salesforce, Oracle), service desk software (ServiceNow and Zendesk) and HR software (Jira, Condenco and more) to mention only a few. Get in touch for more:

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Can we customise the look and feel of SharePoint?

Yes. SharePoint can be tailored to reflect your brand logos, colours and imagery. We can also customise the structure of SharePoint to match your requirements, such as matching your organisational structure by creating sites for each of your departments linked to a central hub site. Book a demo for more on customisation capabilities

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SharePoint Solutions

About Akita Intelligent Solutions

Akita is a leading Microsoft SharePoint partner. From locations in London and Kent, we develop professional SharePoint solutions for organisations worldwide.

With 25 years of experience in digital success solutions, our SharePoint experts have the knowledge to manage and support every aspect of your SharePoint journey, from initial consultancy all the way through to final implementation or migration and ongoing support.

Our SharePoint experts work with leading brands and institutions, deploying solutions to improve their processes and make better use of their time. Our SharePoint solutions support teams by improving communication and the flow of information across the organisation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also have an advanced knowledge of wider products, meaning we can be your partner for all Microsoft implementations.

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SharePoint Solutions
Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

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