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ERP Software Solutions For Finance By Akita

Simplify Finance Management With Professional ERP Accounting Software

Introducing ERP Software For Finance

Enhance organiational financial management with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that integrate and streamline your core processes, and deliver improved efficiency and insightful data.

ERP software integrates and manages an organisation’s core processes in a unified platform. And it can supercede traditional accounts platforms with great success. Offering capabilities for managing accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. By centralising financial data, ERP software improves accuracy, facilitates real-time financial analysis, and supports strategic decision-making.

We’re experts in providing Microsoft ERP software solutions that empower organisations to manage their finances more effectively. Serving customers across London and the UK, our team specialises in customising and implementing ERP systems to meet the financial management needs of any industry.

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What Role Can ERP Fulfil In Finance Management?

ERP systems play a crucial role in centralising and automating financial operations. They consolidate data from different departments, providing a unified view of financial activities. This integration allows for more efficient management of accounting tasks, such as accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, and payroll. By automating routine processes, ERP systems reduce manual errors, improve data accuracy, and free up valuable time for finance teams to focus on strategic activities.

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ERP systems significantly enhance financial reporting by offering real-time access to financial data. This capability enables finance professionals to generate accurate and timely reports, essential for making informed business decisions.

They also support regulatory compliance by ensuring financial practices adhere to industry standards and legal requirements. With built-in compliance checks and audit trails, organisations can maintain transparency and accountability.

Additionally, they also provide comprehensive insights into financial performance, helping organisations identify trends, forecast future financial outcomes, and develop effective strategies.

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Why Choose Akita For Your Financial ERP Needs?

With over 25 years of experience in digital success solutions, we design, develop, manage and support business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our diverse industry expertise and deep understanding of Dynamics 365 and wider technologies enables us to support organisations across their transformation journeys.

Our dedicated team of experts work in partnership with our customers, ensuring they optimise their IT investment every step of the way, from their initial deployment to ongoing ERP support and future enhancements.

And the quality of our Microsoft ERP services are evidenced by our Microsoft Business Applications Solutions partner accreditation and our Crown Commercial Supplier status, making us a supplier of choice for the supply of ERP services to UK government and public sector organisations.

Comprehensive ERP Software Solutions By Akita

Our ERP finance implementations promise stress-free delivery of a new solution, delivering features including:

Reporting On-Demand

Up-to-the-moment reports on finance figures and KPIs to give you data when you need it.

Productivity Gains

Increase automation with cloud ERP shown to boost finance productivity by up to 20%

'On-the-go' Working

From PC or mobile device, access Business Central wherever you're operating.

Accurate Cash Flow Predictions

End 'boom and bust' with better understanding of your incoming and outgoing funds.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Full integration with Office 365, Outlook and Teams for additional automation productivity.

‘Quote to cash’ In A Single System

End-to-end management and all data tracked from a single centralised system.

Tailoring ERP Software To Your Business’s Financial Needs

We recognise that every organisation has unique financial requirements. Our process for tailoring ERP software begins with a thorough assessment of your organisation’s specific needs and challenges. We’ll collaborate closely with your team to understand your financial workflows, reporting requirements, and strategic goals. This detailed analysis enables us to design and implement an ERP solution that aligns perfectly with your business processes.

One of the key advantages of our ERP solutions is the high level of customisation they offer. Below are some examples of how we tailor financial reporting and analysis to support strategic decision-making:

Custom Financial Reports: We create customised financial reports that provide the exact information you need, formatted in a way that’s consumable for your team. Whether you need detailed cash flow statements, profit and loss reports, or balance sheets, our ERP systems deliver precise and relevant data.

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Flexible Analysis Tools: Our ERP solutions include advanced analytical tools that allow you to dissect financial data from multiple angles. You can create custom dashboards and visualisations to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and track financial metrics in real time.

Scenario Planning And Forecasting: We enable organisations to perform scenario planning and financial forecasting with ease. By customising forecasting models and incorporating real-time data, our ERP systems help you anticipate future financial trends and make informed strategic decisions.

Compliance and Audit Trails: We customise ERP systems to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Automated audit trails and compliance checks provide transparency and accountability, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Implementation And Support: The Akita Advantage

We have a meticulous and efficient approach to ERP software implementation, designed to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency. Below is a step-by-step overview of our process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a thorough consultation to understand your business’s financial needs, existing processes, and strategic goals.
  2. Detailed Planning: Our team develops a comprehensive implementation plan tailored to your specific requirements, outlining timelines, milestones, and resource allocations.
  3. System Design And Configuration: We configure the ERP system to align with your business processes, incorporating any necessary customizations to meet your financial management needs.
  4. Data Migration: Our experts ensure a seamless transfer of your existing financial data into the new ERP system, maintaining data integrity and accuracy.
  5. Testing And Validation: Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the ERP system functions as intended and meets all specified requirements.
  6. Deployment: We carefully deploy the ERP system, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations and providing a smooth transition.
  7. Go-Live Support: During the go-live phase, our team provides hands-on support to address any immediate issues and ensure the system operates smoothly.
  8. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial implementation. We offer comprehensive post-implementation support and training services to ensure the smooth operation and user competence of your ERP system:
  9. Ongoing Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any issues or questions that arise, providing timely resolutions to keep your ERP system running efficiently.
  10. Proactive Maintenance: We offer proactive maintenance services, including regular system updates and performance optimisations, to ensure your ERP system remains up-to-date and fully functional.
  11. User Training: We provide extensive training programs tailored to your team’s needs, including on-site training sessions, virtual tutorials, and interactive online courses. This training ensures that your staff can fully leverage the ERP system’s capabilities.
  12. Continuous Improvement: We work with you to identify opportunities for further customisation and improvement, helping your organisation adapt to changing needs and maximise the value of your investment.
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ERP Solutions For SMEs

ERP solutions are vital for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage their financial operations efficiently. By integrating various financial processes into a single, unified system, ERP systems reduce manual errors, streamline workflows, and provide real-time insights into financial performance.

This leads to improved financial management and enhances decision-making capabilities, allowing SMEs to compete effectively with larger businesses.

At Akita, we’re committed to making advanced financial ERP solutions accessible and beneficial for SMEs across all industries. Understanding the budget constraints of smaller enterprises, we offer flexible pricing models to ensure that you receive the maximum value from your ERP investment.

Our ERP systems are designed to be scalable, allowing your business to start with the necessary features and expand as your needs evolve. This scalability ensures long-term value and adaptability.

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ERP Software For Finance

Success Stories: Financial Transformation With Akita’s ERP solutions

Deploying an improved finance solution for a medical resource supplier with a quick implementation:

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial ERP Software

What industries can benefit from ERP solutions for financial operations?

ERP solutions for financial operations are versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and professional services. Any industry that requires efficient financial management, real-time data analysis, and streamlined processes can leverage ERP systems to enhance their operations.

How does an ERP system improve cash flow management for SMEs?

An ERP system improves cash flow management by providing real-time visibility into accounts receivable and payable, automating invoicing and payment processes, and offering accurate cash flow forecasting. This helps SMEs to better manage their cash reserves, plan for future expenditures, and avoid cash shortages.

Can an ERP system help with financial compliance and auditing?

Yes, ERP systems are designed to help with financial compliance and auditing by maintaining accurate records, generating compliance reports, and providing audit trails. They ensure that all financial activities adhere to regulatory standards, making it easier for SMEs to pass audits and comply with legal requirements.

How do ERP systems support strategic financial planning?

ERP systems support strategic financial planning by providing advanced analytical tools and real-time data insights. They enable organisations to perform scenario planning, forecast future financial outcomes, and develop effective strategies based on accurate data. This helps SMEs to make informed decisions and plan for long-term growth.

What ongoing support does Akita offer after ERP implementation?

After ERP implementation, Akita provides extensive ongoing support, including regular system updates, performance optimisations, and troubleshooting assistance. Our dedicated support team is available to address any issues that arise, ensuring your ERP system remains efficient and effective. We also offer continuous improvement services to help your business adapt to changing needs and maximise the value of your ERP investment.

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