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Optimise Service Efficiency With Field Service Management Software

Discover an effective field service management software solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Akita.

Microsoft’s field service CRM software transforms the delivery of service operations. Use Microsoft’s market-leading field service software to increase efficiency and profitability – while keeping customers happy.

Akita is an expert Dynamics 365 Field Service partner. Through our Dynamics 365 development services, we help organisations to economise operations, simplify customer communication and empower field agents to complete tasks effectively.

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Optimising Field Service Management

What Is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Dynamics 365 Field Service is Microsoft’s field service management software. It enables organisations to streamline their field service operations, optimising their resources and delivering better customer experiences.

A cloud-based solution, organisations can use Field Service to schedule and dispatch field technicians based on their availability, skill set, and location, ensuring that the right technician is assigned to the right job.

Field Service can leverage data analytics and AI to identify potential equipment failures before they occur. This helps organisations to proactively schedule maintenance activities and avoid downtime. It can also provide real-time visibility on the status of service requests, enabling field technicians to update job statuses and report on completed work from their mobile devices.

Additionally, Field Service offers inventory management capabilities to track resources across multiple locations. And as Microsoft software, it can also be integrated with wider Dynamics 365 applications as well as tools such as Power BI – creating a seamless end-to-end data flow and customer service experience.

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Best-In-Class Field Service Management Software

Organisations adopting Dynamics 365 Field Service won’t just discover smarter working.

Research by Forrester indicates that businesses adopting Field Service can make a return on investment of over 360% in just three years.

Meanwhile, both IDC MarketScape and Gartner hold a host of five-star reviews, naming Dynamics 365 as an industry-leading solution for field service management, meaning your solution will scale with your success.


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Dynamics 365 Field Service Software

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Transform Service Delivery & Boost Customer Satisfaction

Microsoft Field Service Software From £4,900

Support field operatives and transform operations with our fixed-price Dynamics 365 Field Service deployments. Learn more:

Dynamics 365 Field Service Capabilities

Manage contracts

Deliver predictable service that keeps customers happy. Set schedules that help align service delivery to customers and locations.

Improve scheduling

Plan and assign the right resources to the right locations with manual, assisted, or fully automated scheduling and alignment. Simplify field service scheduling with ‘drag and drop’ or map-enabled planning that efficiently gets staff with the correct skills to the right locations.

Work seamlessly on-the-go

A dedicated app makes sure that field operatives have all the information they need to have – and none that they don’t. By keeping things simple and only showing them what they need to see, they can get the job done faster.

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Empower agents

Deliver information about customer cases and deliver guides for common issue resolutions. Link orders to case history, parts product configurations, parts availability, pricing and any other relevant information to keep agents in the loop.

Connected Field Service

Improve service up-time and support systems remotely by connecting to IoT devices with Connected Field Service. Remotely detect when issues arise and provide customers with the guidance to fix them without needing to attend site.

Deliver a better customer experience

Keep your customers informed by putting them at the centre of all service interactions. Let customers see all past and upcoming cases through a bespoke customer portal. Give updates when technicians are en route, with live mapping or updates via SMS and/or phone calls.

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Field Service

Economise Operations

Set smarter routes, decrease journey times and increase the number of appointments per day.

Increase Preparation

Ensure the appropriately skilled people, with the correct tools, know the right place for the job.

Improve First-Time Fix Rate

Provide agents with all the relevant information they need to get the job done right and quickly.

Better Communication

Inform customers of every interaction within a service chain to increase brand loyalty and advocacy.

Scale Your Operations

Increase efficiency and profitability by optimising schedules and fixing problems faster.

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Leading Dynamics 365 Field Service Partner

We’re an expert partner for Dynamics 365 implementations. If you’re ready to adopt a field service software solution, we offer a range of ways of working depending on your requirements.

For custom projects, we start by scoping how your organisation currently delivers its services. We’ll then assess where you’d like to see improvements, and what further improvements we can suggest by using Field Service CRM software.

We can then design and implement a Dynamics 365 solution aligned with the way you operate. This can include the integration of existing CRM or ERP data, or any software that you may have relating to the management of your field services. We can also provide any training and ongoing support your organisation may need.

Discover more about one of our Microsoft field service software deployment in ‘Our Work’:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Pricing

Fast Dynamics 365 Field Service Implementation - From £4,900

With QuickStart Field Service, we'll provide everything you need to get started with Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation in as little as seven days:

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Dynamics 365 Field Service Bespoke Development

Whether you’re looking at Field Service as part of a wider new CRM project, or want to add it as a new module to your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, we'll be able to help.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service Licensing

As a Microsoft partner, Akita can supply all necessary licensing for Dynamics 365 at the same cost as buying direct from Microsoft.

View more information on Dynamics 365 Field Service pricing for licensing:

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Download our e-book on the benefits of automating operations with Microsoft’s field service management software.

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Case Studies

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Dynamics 365 Field Service FAQ

How Can Dynamics 365 Field Service Software Help Organisations?

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps organisations streamline the management of their field service operations and improve customer satisfaction. It does this by providing real-time visibility into field activities, reducing downtime, optimising resource utilisation, and increasing first-time fix rates.

What Features Are Included In Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Features of Dynamics 365 for managing field service include scheduling and dispatch, work order management, inventory management, asset tracking, mobile access, and customer service management. Together these features create a fully joined up picture of field operations.

What Industries Can Benefit From Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Field Service can benefit a wide range of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, service providers, construction, healthcare, infrastructure deployment, electrical engineers, telecommunications, utilities, and transportation.

Can Dynamics 365 Field Service Be Customised?

Yes, D365 Field Service is highly customisable. Microsoft field service software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation and tailored to match your processes, as well as integration with existing systems. As a leading Dynamics 365 Field Service partner, please get in touch to discuss development requirements:

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Can Dynamics 365 Field Service Integrate With Other Microsoft Products?

Yes, all Dynamics 365 applications natively integrate with wider Microsoft 365 products. This includes wider Dynamics 365 applications including Business Central, as well as Microsoft Power BI for reporting, Outlook for email, and Microsoft Teams for calling and group communication. We also regularly integrate D365 Field Service with third party software as well. Discover more about our integration services:

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What Data Security Measures Are Included With Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Dynamics 365 is built on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, which offers robust security and compliance features, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications. Microsoft also adheres to industry-standard data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Can Dynamics 365 Field Service Be Used Offline?

Yes, Field Service has an offline mode that enables field technicians to access and update information even when there is no internet connectivity. There is also a mobile app to simplify use on the go.

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service Pricing Based On?

Dynamics 365 Field Service pricing varies based on required development, integrations required and the overall number of users. Akita’s packaged deployments start from £4,900 and include all required development and training for net new deployment. Discover more:

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Experts In Dynamics 365 For Field Service

Akita designs, develops, manages and supports business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our Microsoft Field Service solutions sit at the centre of operations for organisations ranging from electrical infrastructure to hospice care.

In all instances, our Field Service implementations have delivered significant new efficiencies, helping organisations surpass their targets.


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