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Akita is a leading developer of Microsoft business applications. Our expertise in Dynamics 365, Business Central, SharePoint, and Power Platform transforms business operations, driving increased productivity and innovation. Our tailored solutions meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance.

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Microsoft is a market leader in business applications

About Microsoft Business Applications

Microsoft is a market leader in business applications solutions. Each solution is designed to support operations and work functions.

Dynamics 365 and Business Central offer robust ERP and CRM capabilities, enabling businesses to manage financials, supply chains, and customer relationships efficiently.

These applications provide real-time insights and integrated functionalities, empowering informed decision-making and process optimisation for sustained growth.


SharePoint and Power Platform enhance collaboration and innovation. SharePoint ensures efficient document management, data security and internal communication, while Power Platform applications deliver custom app solutions, online portals, workflow automation, and data analytics.

Utilised together, these applications drive agility and responsiveness, helping organisations stay effective and competitive.

And Akita is dedicated to unlocking your full potential with Microsoft technologies.

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