crm rescue services

CRM Rescue Services

Dealing with a dysfunctional CRM system? Current development project failing? Let Akita get you back on track

Experts In CRM Project Rescue That Get Systems Back On Track

Save your CRM project from failure and a financial blackhole with the help of Akita’s our expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM development team.

Working with organisations of all sizes on Microsoft CRM projects, we’re experienced and well-equipped in turn-around projects that take failing systems and project and transform them into success stories.

Whether you’ve been delivered a suboptimal CRM system, or have concerns about the direction of travel for your current project, get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can help:

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Signs That Your CRM Project Needs Saving

Wondering if your CRM solution or project is on the right track, or if it’s time to intervene and rescue it? Here’s helpful signs to look for:

crm rescue services

How Do Our CRM Rescue Services Work?

Below is our typical approach to CRM rescue projects. But we’ll tailor our CRM rescue service to your situation to ensure a valuable final solution:

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1. Assessment

Our experts will perform an in-depth evaluation of your current CRM system or project to determine what areas need assistance and identify key issues. This includes a review of project approach and methodology, your internal workflows, goals for your CRM and wider plans for integration and roll-out.

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2. Re-scoping

Based on this discovery, our consultants will outline the problem areas of your current solution or project. We’ll then collaborate with you to re-scope your solution. Where practical, we’ll use as much of the existing development and planning as possible. In extreme cases, we’ll start again from scratch at an accelerated pace to deliver a project plan that gets you back on track.

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3. Implementation

Once our approach is approved, we’ll begin development (or modification in the case of an existing system). We’ll work closely with you to ensure your solution meets project scope and stakeholder requirements to the letter. Once fully tested, we’ll ensure your new CRM solution is implemented in a way that doesn’t disrupt your operations.

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4. Post-Implementation Support & Training

Post-implementation, Akita can also ensure user adoption. We can provide in-depth training for staff to ensure they’re confident in your new solution. We then offer ongoing support to assist with any future issues that arise, ensuring you always have support if you need it.

Signs That You Need To Rescue Your Current CRM System

Warning signs that your CRM system may need rescuing include a low user adoption rate, signalling that the system is not meeting your team’s needs or expectations. Often, this is amplified by the presence of inaccurate data, which can significantly hinder customer relationship management.

CRM Rescue services

Limited mobile access is another red flag, as it restricts your team’s ability to work efficiently on-the-go. A CRM system that poorly integrates with wider systems can create silos within your organisation, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. The lack of customisation options can also be a major drawback, preventing the system from aligning with your unique business processes.

Equally concerning is inadequate reporting and analytics capabilities, which are essential for making informed, data-driven decisions. Additionally, an increase in customer churn may indicate that your CRM system is not effectively managing customer relationships.

Microsoft CRM Applications

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Deliver professional marketing automation with advanced reporting and analytics

Dynamics 365 Sales

Manage new business and customers to ensure all sales opportunities are addressed quickly

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Run projects from here, with capability for planning, monitoring and collaborating

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Schedule, track and manage field agents whilst providing them with better intelligence

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Manage your customers to ensure they all have a good experience interacting with your organisation

Wider Microsoft 365 Development Capabilities

As seasoned Microsoft business applications developers, we’re experienced in enhancing project functionality with wider applications.

So as part of any CRM rescue project, we can also look at additional enhancements utilising the following:

Discover more about our wider capabilities:

Business Central

Tools to help simplify finance and operations management and increase productivity

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A unified area for data management, internal communication and automation solutions

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Power BI

Advanced data visualisation tools to help turn raw data into actionable insights

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Power Apps

Customer applications built to cater to organisation-specific processes and reduce manual effort

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crm rescue services
CRM Rescue Services

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