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Discover Microsoft’s low-code solution for advanced customisable web experiences

Deliver Better Customer Experiences With Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages – the successor of Microsoft Power Apps Portals – is a low-code application for creating interactive websites and portal solutions.

From easy-to-use self-service customer areas and secure FAQ sections, to employee rostering and holiday management systems, our solutions simplify processes to benefit both the end user and host.

As an experienced Microsoft Power Platform partner, Akita Intelligent Solutions has the in-house expertise to provide Microsoft Power Pages services as standalone solutions or as part of a wider Business Central, Dynamics 365 or SharePoint deployment.

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Power Pages Services

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What Is Microsoft Power Pages?

Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages is an application that allows organisations to create engaging, professional web page interfaces.

An evolution of Microsoft Power Apps Portals, the newer application comes with a range of additional features such as their new design studio that provides a fluid visual experience for creating and editing pages.

Power Pages can be rolled out as a standalone solution, or can also be integrated with business processes and data sources such as Power BI, Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and more.

With our Power Pages services by your side, you can utilise business applications to enhance your customer and service experiences and take your organisation to the next level.

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Benefits Of Microsoft Power Pages For Operations

Professional Interface

Power Pages offers a professional platform for customer interactions that are compatible with all devices, giving users easy access to your products or services

Fast Development

Come to us with your web page requirements, and we can develop and integrate systems in as little as 5 days

Advanced Data Integration

Power Pages can be integrated with current systems in order to enhance general functionality and reduce the number of steps that need to be taken to complete a task

Easy To Manage

Once the initial solution is developed and built by our experts, content can be updated and new resources can be uploaded relatively simply by administrators

Secure Engagement

Data exchanged with customers, partners or employees remains secure within the Power Pages platform and can be controlled through reliable authentication methods

Microsoft Power Pages Pricing

Microsoft Power Pages is paid for through 2 types of users; authenticated and anonymous.

Authenticated users are those who sign into your website using an identity provider such as their social media, or Azure AD account. Anonymous users are all other website visitors that enter as a guest.

Further to this, there are two payment plans available and your choice will depend on the number of users your website regularly receives. Microsoft offers a pay-as-you-go plan or a prepaid subscription for a set number of users which presents significant discounts if used optimally.

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we can provide licensing at the same price as going direct to Microsoft.


Subscription Plans

Authenticated Users


Per 100 users/site/month


Give authenticated users access to web pages:

  • Access to authentication providers
  • Content delivery network support included
  • Dataverse storage included

Anonymous Users


Per 500 users/site/month


Allow users to view web pages anonymously:

  • Content delivery network support included
  • Dataverse storage included

Pay-as-you-go Licensing Plans

Authenticated Users


Per user/site/month


Only pay for the exact number of authenticated users who access your web page each month

  • Access to authentication providers
  • Content delivery network support included
  • Dataverse storage

Anonymous Users


Per user/site/month


Only pay for the exact number of users who view your web page anonymously each month

  • Content delivery network support included
  • Dataverse storage

What Can Power Pages Be Used For?

Microsoft Power Pages offers a wide variety of customer, partner and staff engagement options including:

Customer Service

Securely interact with your customers or partners. Allow them to submit questions, feedback or support requests, and securely view key details about contracts or agreements


Get a cost-effective, professional vending platform for your goods or services. Use Power Apps Portals to attractively display your products, then process payments with a third-party integrated payment system. Then sync data with Microsoft Dynamics or the Common Data Service to capture order details. Great for online shops or for sales at events.

FAQs And Resources

Enable customer self-service to make your operations more efficient. Post explanations to commonly asked questions and provide access to documents and downloads that allow your customers or partners to help themselves.

Employees And HR

Store key employee documents and host business automation solutions such as expense forms, mileage submissions and holiday requests that cut down on management requests and unnecessary emails.

Booking Pages

Allow customers, partners or staff to book or reserve events, services or resources from a secure platform. Reduce resource conflicts and enable self-service that streamlines booking interactions.

Microsoft Power Pages

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Our expert Microsoft consultants develop tailored business transformation solutions with Power Platform applications for organisations worldwide. We focus on simplifying work processes to allow our clients to better serve their own customers.

And with our wider Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365 expertise, we can offer complete service around your project requirements.


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