Part Of Our Identity

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability lie at the heart of our operations. Not because it’s expected of us – but because we fundamentally believe in it as part of our organisational values.

We’ve already adopted a wide range of measures and we have more exciting plans for the future.

Discover more about how Akita puts its values into practice:

Providing Opportunities

One of our key Corporate Social Responsibility achievements is our long-standing apprenticeship program that enables young people to begin their careers in IT.

Our apprentices’ study towards an industry-recognised qualification, gaining practical experience and earning a wage at the same time. And many have gone on to become fully-qualified engineers and even consultants.

We’ve been proud to have assisted many young people to enter the workforce, and supported others who have wanted to change industry and fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Supporting Charities

Over the years, Akita’s staff has helped raise thousands of pounds for local charities and non-profit organisations. This has been achieved both through internal initiatives and events.

Each year, Akita’s staff are invited to recommend the local charities that they’d like to support. We then make quarterly donations to the most recommended charitable organisations – ensuring that donations really mean something to our staff.

We also regularly support our customers with their own charity initiatives and events.

Sustainability In Practice

As an organisation, Akita is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. To achieve this, our sustainability efforts flow through all areas of our business activities.

Within our offices, we carefully manage energy consumption, actively choosing low energy technology solutions. Our energy supplier produces power from renewable sources. And use as little paper as possible in our operations, taking a digital-first approach.

And as an acknowledgement to wider changes required, our in-house chef alternates vegetarian meals for lunches. This reduces meat consumption within the organisation and the knock-on carbon impact.

Built Into Our Values

Sustainability is far from a buzzword within our organisation. It’s one of our Managing Director’s key priorities and is shared as a value by staff throughout the company.

As such, a sustainable approach to business is built into our DNA. And we’re continually looking to improve our environmental impact through new measures – big and small.


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