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Simplify People Management Microsoft HR Software In SharePoint

Meet the people management needs of a growing company with Microsoft SharePoint HR management software.

Perfect for SMEs, our SharePoint Online solutions simplify common human resources tasks, streamlining the management and safeguarding of sensitive personal information.

Work with Akita’s Microsoft experts on solutions to simplify your human resources.

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SMEs in the UK use HR software

Why Implement HR Management Software?

HR requirements can creep up on a business. Small companies experiencing growth can quickly find the need for a smarter way to manage their people requirements – particularly if a dedicated role doesn’t exist in-house.

If you already have in-house HR resources that aren’t coping with your expanding workforce, deploying HR management software can save them time on admin.

As well as this, SharePoint can reduce your exposure to the risk of non-compliance, resulting in additional unnecessary costs and complications.

So before investing in costly standalone solutions, consider a new HR management system to remove these issues, freeing up valuable time, and at a fraction of the cost.

SharePoint HR Management Solutions

SharePoint Online is a professional solution for meeting a range of business challenges. Discover the range of SharePoint solutions for simplifying and improving common HR processes:


HR Management Software

Employee Information Management

Manage a confidential list of all employees and their personal information in SharePoint.

This can then be permissioned for users to only see and update their own records, and for managers to be able to view their direct reports.

Also, utilize an automatically generated document storage location for each employee and additional custom permissions at a sub-folder level.

SharePoint HR

Staff Management In SharePoint

Simplify the organisation, tracking, and management of one-to-one meetings with an easily accessible extension of the Employee Information solution.

Use SharePoint to set events automatically at given intervals and track comments/notes against each meeting as well as signature boxes.

Another key feature included is setting time-sensitive objectives as an outcome of meetings. This will become a walk in the park as your system will automatically ask for deadlines and prompt action points for subsequent meetings.

SharePoint HR Onboarding/Offboarding Tool

Produce consistent onboarding and offboarding for staff within SharePoint Online. A dynamic list of tasks will be formulated and tailored to your onboarding/offboarding process which differs depending on the job role.

Use the SharePoint HR Onboarding/Offboarding tool for tracking the following:



Issuing & Tracking Equipment/Uniform

Log any equipment and uniform given out and keep track of where it is

Stock Tracking

Enables users to work with a comprehensive document of all stock coming in and going out of the organisation

Asset Management (PCs/devices)

Know the exact number of assets in-house and given out to employees, to aid with ordering and asset management

Training Resources

As part of onboarding, use SharePoint to send training/induction videos and documents

Induction Meetings

Arrange induction meetings with automation linked to Outlook and wider Microsoft 365 tools

SharePoint HR

SharePoint Payroll Management

Simplify payroll management – employee salary history can be stored in SharePoint against their record with a breakdown of TAX, National Insurance, and Pension contributions.

Use SharePoint’s secure environment, rather than storing information in a document, to add extra security to your employee details.

Also, integrate SharePoint with another third party, depending on the availability of API or other programmatic connections, and integration requirements.

SharePoint HR Management Solutions FAQ

Are SharePoint HR Management systems cloud-based?

SharePoint HR Management systems can be both on-premise and cloud-based, depending on the specific organisational situation, however, Akita recommend a cloud solution if possible for added security.

Can a SharePoint HR Management system be accessed from a mobile device?

Yes, SharePoint HR Management systems offer mobile access through a mobile app or web browser, perfect for working on-the-go.

Can a SharePoint HR Management system be integrated with other HR systems?

Yes, a SharePoint HR Management system can integrate with both Microsoft 365 and wider third party systems such as stand alone HR, payroll, applicant tracking systems, and more.

What level of customisation is possible with a SharePoint HR Management system?

A SharePoint HR solution can be tailored to match both your organisation’s branding and requirements, depending on your HR processes. This can range from user equipment logs to automated holiday requests and even payroll management. We can also develop a SharePoint applicant tracking system to manage new candidates if required:

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What security features are available in a SharePoint HR Management system?

SharePoint HR Management system utilises various security features to protect data. This includes Microsoft 365 security groups or Azure AD to restrict user access control, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorised users can access your SharePoint.

Is training available for SharePoint HR Management system users?

Yes, Akita offer SharePoint HR Management training to ensure users fully understand the system and can make the most of all the features.

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