Get The Most From Microsoft SharePoint

Empower your organisation with Akita’s comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint support services.

Our Sharepoint helpdesk agents and consultants are on hand to both resolve immediate issues, as well as strategise long-term development plans for intranets, document management platforms and many more solutions.

We deliver both Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Sharepoint On-Premises support. Our support service also covers Power Platform applications commonly used with SharePoint (Power App, Power BI and Power Automate), meaning your organisation receives a fully-rounded Microsoft support service.

Unleash the full potential of SharePoint with expert support for unparalleled efficiency.

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About Our SharePoint Support Service

Delivered by our expert team of SharePoint consultants, our support service covers everything from addressing simple ‘how-to’ questions to adjusting access permissions or performing minor UI modifications to SharePoint instances.

Our SharePoint helpdesk support comes with a guaranteed response time, meaning you’re not waiting days for a response. And should you have an international presence, we can also offer 24/7 support to assist your global offices.

Whether your organisation is new to Microsoft SharePoint, or you require assistance with a large or advanced setup, Akita can provide responsive SharePoint support services to ensure you and your users maximise your investment in SharePoint.

SharePoint Administrator Services

As part of a managed support service, Akita can also provide dedicated SharePoint administrator services. Our expert team will take on the ongoing role of administrators for your SharePoint instance, managing your setup and delivering updates as required.

Our first step is to establish a robust access security framework tailored for your organisation, effectively managing permissions and access for users across departments and hierarchies. This ensures that the right individuals have access to the right information, promoting efficiency and data security.

Our comprehensive SharePoint support service will then assist your internal users with your SharePoint environment, assisting with updates, managing issues and answering questions. We can also provide tailored training that provide your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently handle administration tasks, improving the use of your SharePoint setup.

With Akita’s SharePoint administrator services, you’ll gain a trusted partner who can help your organisation harness the full potential of SharePoint, ensuring seamless collaboration, improved productivity, and long-term success.

"thank you again for all of their support and help with this project"


SharePoint Support From £150 per hour

Whether ad hoc or an ongoing support requirement, we can support your SharePoint and Power Platform needs from a low hourly rate. Get in touch for more:

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SharePoint Banked Time

As well as SharePoint helpdesk support, organisations can use available banked hours for any of our other SharePoint services:

So whether you need new hub sites creating, permissions overhauling or to plan a migration, we’ll provide you with the consultancy, development and support needed to achieve your goal.

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Cost-effective SharePoint Support For Organisations

Our support and development banked time service is ideal for organisations currently or planning to use SharePoint extensively, offering a fast and convenient service for adapting your SharePoint instance exactly to your needs.

It also offers organisations better value for money, negating the typical costs of one-off projects or ad hoc support items. Banked time is drawn down in 30-minute increments, so you can commit to projects as big or small as you need without the traditional day rate of some suppliers.

And should you not use your allotted time in a given month, it will roll over to the next.


About Akita Intelligent Solutions

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading provider of digital transformation consultancy and solutions.

Our expert SharePoint consultants have experience working with a wide variety of organisations across a broad range of transformation projects. As such, they’re able to suggest and implement solutions that have been proven to deliver improved working efficiency across some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK and internationally.

Their expertise also extends into wider business systems and processes. So they’ll also be able to advise on best practice and how to future-proof the solutions you’re implementing.

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