Connecting Accounts Software To Microsoft Dynamics 365

Redware is the market-leading solution for connecting Sage, Xero and Quickbooks Online with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to common accounts packages for organisation-wide digital transformation.

Dynamics 365 - Sage 50 Connector

Redware allows organisations to connect their Sage 50 data with that of their Dynamics 365 instance.

Organisations considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a sales or business management solution may be hesitant to adopt Dynamics 365 if it requires them to move away from an existing Sage 50 accounting system. Redware facilitates digital transformation by allowing bi-directional data sharing between these two applications, letting organisations profit from the features of both solutions.

Features Of Redware Sage 50 Connector

With the Redware Dynamics 365 Sage 50 connector, organisations can:

  • Copy invoices and credit notes from Dynamics 365 into Sage 50
  • Perform synchronisation and data migration of Customers and Products
  • Link or load an accounting invoice PDF into Dynamics 365
  • Track outstanding invoice amounts in Dynamics 365
  • Review customer balances and credit limits from Dynamics 365
  • Create Purchase Orders directly from Invoice items

As a Redware partner, Akita can provide and configure the connector software. We can then use our Dynamics 365 expertise, and experience with Redware and Sage 50, to help organisations make the most of the data benefits.

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Dynamics 365 Sage 200 Connector

The Redware Sage 200 connector allows for a secure flow of data between Dynamics 365 and Sage 200, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both solutions.

The Redware solution is a reliable way to significantly speed up intra-platform tasks: invoice data, for example, can be automatically copied from Sage 200 to Dynamics 365, saving time and reducing human error.

The Sage 200 connector also supports:

  • Bi-directional synchronisation of customer and product information
  • Calculation of VAT (including EU and Worldwide Tax)
  • Outstanding Invoice amounts tracked in Dynamics 365
  • Customer balances and credit limits tracking within Dynamics 365
  • Product stock quantities from Sage 200 tracked within Dynamics 365

Quickbooks Online & Xero CRM connector

A Quickbooks Online and Xero CRM connector is also available.

As per the Sage 50 connector, Redware supports data syncing between Dynamics 365 and Quickbooks Online or Xero with 100% accuracy. This allows for the accounting, debt chasing and payment processing functionality of these accounting platforms to be available in Dynamics 365, along with wider data sharing.

With the Redware connector, organisations get full visibility of their operations (from sales to payment) from within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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Power BI Connector

For organisations looking to make better sense of their data in Sage 50, Quickbooks Online or Xero, a Redware connector is also available for Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is an advanced data visualisation tool. It can transform the most complex of data into discernible and attractive reports containing graphs, visuals and tables that help users make better sense of their data and garner greater business intelligence.

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Microsoft Power BI & Redware

Of many possible solutions, Micrsosoft Power BI reports can be configured to provide:

  • Sales by customer information
  • Product purchase levels
  • Historic payment trends
  • Debtor patterns

Akita can provide both the Redware connector and the relevant Microsoft licences to access Power BI. We can then develop the reports and graphics you require.

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