Ensure SharePoint Project Success With Proven Project Strategy & Expertise

Akita is a trusted Microsoft SharePoint partner with experience of delivering complex projects to leading organisations across the world. And our SharePoint project manager service is designed to empower organisations to achieve their SharePoint goals more effectively.

Whether you lack the internal resources or need expert guidance to maximise your project’s potential, our SharePoint project managers are here to provide the assistance and direction your organisation requires. We understand the intricacies of SharePoint and can ensure that your project is on the right track.

With Akita as your SharePoint partner, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge and commitment to your success. Let our expert project managers guide you towards achieving your objectives with confidence.

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Why Use A Professional SharePoint Project Manager?

Discover the benefits of our project management services:

Expertise & Experience: Our project managers offer extensive knowledge and experience in SharePoint. They understand its complexities and will have successfully overcome your challenges in similar projects, ensuring efficient execution.

Planning & Execution: SharePoint projects can be complex. Our SharePoint project manager services ensures you have a comprehensive plan, clear objectives and guaranteed resources. This ensures on-time delivery.

Risk Mitigation: Every SharePoint project has risks and dependencies. Our skilled project managers will identify and analyse these, implementing strategies to mitigate them.

Stakeholder Management: Our SharePoint project managers excel in stakeholder management, communicating effectively, managing expectations, and keeping everyone informed throughout a project.

Change Management: SharePoint projects bring organizational changes. A project manager develops change management strategies, provides training and support, and facilitates a smooth transition. This maximizes the benefits of SharePoint adoption.

Ensuring Return On Investment From Your SharePoint Project

As well as filling a resource gap, our SharePoint project expertise can also help deliver better value from your project.

With expert scoping of requirements at the start of your project, your SharePoint solution will be designed to meet your organisation’s challenges and scale with your growth. That way, your SharePoint investment will still be delivering value in five years, rather than being redundant in two.

Our experts will also help maximise value from your Microsoft 365 licensing, guiding you either in how to spend as little as possible or how to use all the features available to you.

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Our SharePoint Solutions

Our expert team is experienced in developing a wide range of SharePoint solutions for organisations of all sizes and profile.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, you can also be sure of our technical expertise in both SharePoint and wider Microsoft 365 services.

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Our SharePoint Project Methodology

Our SharePoint project managers follow Agile development methodology. This supports the completion of projects on time and with minimal change control at the end.

Our initial scoping exercise will determine your requirements and give examples of particular use cases. Projects are then broken into manageable parts or ‘sprints’.

Sprints are short, intense development sessions and only involve the stakeholders relevant to that sprint. This approach maximises resource usage and guarantees that senior staff don’t waste time in irrelevant meetings.

Each sprint also contains dedicated testing time, ensuring that the solution works technically and that it meets initial requirements. Project sprints also take place simultaneously. So rather than working stage-by-stage, SharePoint projects can be finished far quicker by having multiple phases completed at once.

As required we’ll help organisations train their users in getting the most from their new SharePoint solution. And we’ll often provide a period of support post-go live to make any minor tweaks you require and address any further user questions.


Akita: Expert SharePoint Project Managers

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading provider of digital transformation consultancy and solutions.

Our expert SharePoint consultants and project managers have experience working with a wide variety of organisations across a broad range of transformation projects. As such, they’re able to suggest and implement solutions that have been proven to deliver improved working efficiency across some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK and internationally.

Their expertise also extends into wider business systems and processes. So they’ll also be able to advise on best practices and how to future-proof the solutions you’re implementing.

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