ERP Rescue Services

ERP Rescue Services

Transform your dysfunctional ERP system or ongoing project into a complete solution that serves your requirements

Turning Overrunning & Over-Budget ERP Implementations Into Success Stories

Stop your ERP investment from being a total waste. Your system still has the potential to serve your requirements and function as an effective business solution, you just need the expertise on hand to deliver it’s value.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP development team work alongside organisations across industries with varying needs to improve their systems and streamline their processes.

Whether you’ve been left with a suboptimal ERP system, or have concerns with the progress of a current project, our experts have the skills and knowledge to get you back on track.

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Signs That Your ERP Project Needs Saving

ERP Rescue Services

Scope Creep: Frequent changes to the project’s scope without adjustments to timelines or budgets, suggesting a lack of clear initial vision and planning.

Delayed Milestones: Missing early project milestones can indicate planning, execution, or resource allocation issues that might derail the project timeline.

Inadequate Risk Management: Failure to identify, assess, and mitigate risks early in the project, leading to potential obstacles later on that could have been prevented.

Lack of Customisation Strategy: Without a clear plan for customisation, there’s a risk of developing a system that doesn’t fully meet the business’s specific needs and leaves no room for accommodating any evolving requirements.

Technical Debt Accumulation: Early compromises on system architecture or design that may solve short-term challenges but create long-term maintenance and scalability issues.

How Do Our ERP Rescue Services Work?

We use a standardised approach to all ERP rescue projects, consisting of 4 key areas. We tailor our service within those key areas to your individual requirements in order to create a functional, well-received final solution.

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1. Assessment

Our consultants perform a detailed assessment of your system or project in its current state to understand the key issues and build a report of what areas need improving. This includes a review of project approach and methodology, your internal workflows, goals for your ERP and wider plans for integration and roll-out.

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2. Re-scoping

Based on what’s found, our experts will outline the problem areas in your current solution or project. We’ll then collaborate with you to re-scope and re-design your solution. Where practical, we’ll use as much of the original development as possible. In extreme cases, we may be required to start again from scratch, at which point we’ll be working at an accelerated rate to deliver your project as soon as possible.

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3. Implementation

Once our plans are approved, we’ll begin development (or modification in the case of an existing system). We’ll work closely with you to ensure your solution meets project scope and stakeholder requirements. Once fully tested, we’ll ensure your new ERP solution is implemented seamlessly.

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4. Post-Implementation Support & Training

We can also ensure user adoption, post-implementation. We’re able to deliver in-depth training for staff to ensure they’re confident using the new solution. We then offer ongoing support to assist with any future issues, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Signs That You Need To Rescue Your Current ERP System

Warning signs that your current ERP system may require intervention include experiencing a low user adoption rate, which suggests the solution does not align well with your employees’ workflows or expectations. This issue often goes hand in hand with encountering inaccurate data within the system, undermining operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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Limited mobile access can severely impact flexibility and productivity, especially if your team are mobile. Furthermore, an ERP system that integrates poorly with other business systems can lead to operational silos, disrupting workflow and data continuity across your organisation. The absence of sufficient customisation options further aggravates these challenges by preventing the ERP from adapting to your unique needs.

Another critical issue is sluggish system performance, which can delay processes and frustrate users. Coupled with this is the problem of inadequate reporting and analytics capabilities, essential for guiding strategic decisions and maintaining a competitive edge.

A lack of scalability points to the system’s inability to grow alongside your business, potentially hindering expansion and adaptation to market changes. These signs collectively suggest that your ERP system may need a comprehensive review and possibly a rescue strategy to realign it with your business objectives and operational requirements.

Akita’s Microsoft ERP Services


Work with a specialist Microsoft ERP consultant to get the most from your setup


Professional implementation of your system to cause as little disruption as possible


Ensure your staff know how to use your ERP investment to the best of its ability


Get a seamless migration to Business Central with none of the stress and all the additional benefits


Both ad hoc support and comprehensive support plans to keep your systems running optimally

Wider Microsoft 365 Development Capabilities

We’re a team of highly experienced Microsoft business application developers, and as such, we focus on enhancing project functionality with wider applications.

So as part of any ERP rescue project, we can also look at additional enhancements utilising the following:

Dynamics 365 Sales

Cloud-based sales CRM solution that allows users to manage enquiries at scale

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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Marketing automation software for managing prospects and campaigns with ease

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SharePoint Online

A unified area for internal communication, data management and automation solutions

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Power BI

Advanced data visualisation tools to help turn raw data into actionable insights

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Power Apps

Customer applications built to cater to organisation-specific processes and reduce manual effort

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ERP Rescue Services
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