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Business Central Service Management Solutions

Simplifying service management at scale with Microsoft’s market-leading ERP solution.

Streamline Service Operations and Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Providing excellent service to customers is an important part of generating customer satisfaction and loyalty – in addition to revenue.

But managing and tracking service is not always easy, especially at scale. Touchpoints typically extend right across an organisation. And mistakes at any point can be costly in terms of time and money.

As part of its operations management functionality, Business Central provides a Service Management Module designed to support service delivery.

Designed for both inbound repair departments and onsite field service operations, Business Central can support the management of complex customer service distribution systems, industrial service environments, and service technician dispatch at scale.

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Features Of Business Central Service Management 

Alongside wider operations and finance management functionality, Business Central can fulfil service management requirements:

•  Manage customer service contracts for all PPM
•  Set up, maintain, and monitor service prices
•  Schedule service calls and set up service orders
•  Provide service estimates and invoices aligned to contracts
•  Assign agents based on skill and availability
•  Manage warranties for service items and spares
•  Register post-sales issues including service requests, orders, services due and repair requests
•  Track repair parts and supplies
•  Record details on service levels, response times, discount levels, and the service history
•  Measure service contract profitability


business central for service management

Benefits Of Service Management With Business Central

Transition smoothly from sales to service

Automatically register shipped goods as service items. Centrally track information so sales, customer service and service fulfilment teams can respond quickly to enquiries.


Deliver against service commitments

Deliver reliable service to your customers that complies with service level agreements, and simplify the delivery of service tasks and workloads with automated task lists.


Track customer returns and repairs

Manage replacements or simple repairs, with parts and labour charges in one service order. Boost loyalty by addressing customers quickly and cost-effectively.


Communicate every step of the way

Stay connected to service delivery. With Business Central and Microsoft Teams, service agents can liaise with repair engineers with ease, then pass on progress to customers to keep them in the loop.


Working With Akita

As a Business Central development partner, developing service management functionality sits central to many of our customers’ requirements. Our team of experts has extensive experience in service operations and understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in service delivery.

We work closely with our clients to identify their specific service management needs and tailor Business Central’s features to address those requirements effectively. Typical requirements around service management development include:

Configuring service contracts: Establishing single or multi-contract setups to capture key customer details around service levels, billing and contract renewals within Business Central.

Setting up service pricing models: Creating and customising service items and service groups. This includes establishing which skills a service requires and troubleshooting guidance.

Managing service delivery: Developing systems for quoting and fulfilling orders, including configuring dispatch boards (linear view) and service task lists, along with post-completion invoicing

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Resource Planning Calendar Expansion

Alongside the development of the Business Central service management module, we also offer ExpandIT Resource Planning integration.

ExpandIT simplifies the management and scheduling of technicians by utilising real-time updates from the field. This allows for real-time visualisation of resource allocation, such as job completion status, estimated travel time, sickness, holidays, technician skills, geo-position, and more

Combined with Business Central, ExpandIT Resource Planning provides dispatchers with all the data they require in a central place, making it easy to schedule and adjust plans as information changes or updates are made.

microsoft business central service management
Business Central Service Management

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