Transforming The Effectiveness Of Service Delivery

Delivering excellent customer service is a key to success for most businesses.

But being time-efficient in the delivery of services can be the difference between making a profit and not for the service industry.

Choosing the right digital transformation solutions can ensure you achieve both. Get in touch to find out more

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For The Service Industry

Make service delivery and customer relations simple with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

A combined solution of  Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can open up a world of possibilities for improving how you operate.

From mastering communications at scale to finding new efficiencies in process, the capabilities of these solutions is enormous. It’s no surprise there’s a possible ROI of almost 17 times original investment with Dynamics 365.

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Digital Transformation For Service Delivery: Benefits of Dynamics 365

With a Dynamics 365 solution at the core of operations, your organisation will be able to:

  • Monitor real-time logistics and staff levels to meet customer demand.
  • Create new efficiencies through smart planning requirements based on staff skills, geography and more.
  • Track staff and resources with live tracking reporting.
  • Keep customers informed via automated SMS or email when they can expect their service.
  • Channel all communications through Dynamics 365, improving customer service.

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve procedures and provide necessary information to staff, customer request resolution times can significantly improve. This means that more issues can be dealt with in less time, meaning staff are more efficient.

Discover more about the efficiencies possible with Dynamics 365 in our case management example:

Case Management

Improve Processes With Power Apps

Every service company will have unique processes in their operations, ranging from form filling to checklist completion. Some will be completed first on paper to then be transferred to a computer, wasting time and resources.

So what if you could digitise the process? Microsoft Power Apps offers a cost-effective way to turn these processes into custom apps that can be used on the go. No more returning to the office to log details – Power Apps can upload info directly to your CRM system, or email data in a format that you can instantly work with.

And as part of creating Power Apps, our consultants are adept at simplifying processes, boiling requirements down to simple interactions (yes/no options, drop down menus, tick boxes), saving agents time.

For an example, discover how we’ve simplified fleet management with Power Apps:

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Field Services With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic communication platform for video conferencing, calling and messaging. But it can be so much more.

If you’re operating field services, Teams can also be the place to store relevant documents (specifics on customer setups, how-to guides etc.) – all safely stored in the cloud.

And should agents have questions, they can send discrete messages to their colleagues or operations advisors rather than having embarrassing phone calls in front of customers.

Teams can also be your scheduler, with the day’s calendar and all relevant tasks available at a click.

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