Unifying Operations With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a group communication and collaboration application. It can support overall organisational communication, group/department/project communication and one-to-one messaging. It also supports audio and video calling and conferencing. It can even become an organisation’s phone system.

With our Microsoft Teams service, Akita assists organisations in creating seamless work journeys that span SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and more.

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Remote Communication & Collaboration

As both a communication and collaboration platform, Teams offers a secure cloud-based solution for sharing information and working on files (utilising SharePoint Online as its storage solution).

Teams can serve as the central hub for an organisation’s internal communication by integrating with various Microsoft 365 products. This integration allows employees to access different services without switching between platforms, promoting a cohesive work environment and facilitating cross-functional collaboration. With a range of communication channels, including messaging and video conferencing, Teams accommodates diverse working styles while ensuring data security for valuable organisational assets.

Teams can also function as an organisation’s outbound calling platform through the addition of Microsoft Business Voice licences.

Microsoft Teams Deployment

Starting with Microsoft Teams is simple. Thanks to its wide availability through most Microsoft 365 licenses (which we can provide if required) Akita can offer a swift and seamless remote implementation process. Our expert team can have most organizations up and running with Teams in just a single day.

Once Teams is deployed, we go a step further to optimise your Microsoft 365 environment to complement the capabilities of Teams. Whether it’s configuring smarter SharePoint solutions, integrating Power Apps, or turning it into your phone system, we ensure that Teams becomes your unified communication hub.

To embark on this journey and book your Teams deployment, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team is eager to assist and ensure that your organization experiences the full potential of Teams for efficient collaboration and communication.

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Microsoft Teams & Dynamics 365 Copilot Integration

Dynamics 365 Copilot is a suite of AI enhancements to Microsoft’s CRM applications. Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Copilot can offer some amazing productivity-boosting features for sales and customer service staff.

From recording meetings to call sentiment analysis, meeting transcription and automatic agenda creation, combining Dynamics 365 Copilot and Teams can supercharge operations and enhance performance.

As experts in both business applications and unified communications, Akita can assist organisations in the deployment and integration of Teams and Dynamics 365 and provide ongoing support as needed. Get in touch for more about our Microsoft Teams services with Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Teams Training

Teams is an intuitive application to use. However, with the range of features and number of possible add-ons to enhance working, its ideal for organisations to receive training.

Akita is a Microsoft Gold partner. But perhaps more importantly, our organisation is also a Teams adoptee and advocate. We maximise our own use of Teams alongside a host of other Microsoft 365 products as part of our day-to-day operations. We are therefore ideally placed to train other organisations on how to use Teams on both a basic and more advanced level.

Microsoft Teams Services With Akita

Akita is the ideal partner for installing and managing Microsoft Teams in your organisation.

We work with leading brands and institutions around the world on digital transformation projects and strategies. As such, our consultants are expertly positioned to assist organisations of all sizes, undertaking flawless deployments and ensuring user adoption.

With Microsoft Teams working at its best when integrated with the full width of Microsoft 365 services, our consultants can ensure your organisation is firing on all cylinders with the solutions you’re utilising.

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