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Reduce Costs Across Your Manufacturing Operations With A Microsoft ERP Solution

Achieve operational excellence across your production processes with, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

As an expert Business Central manufacturing partner, Akita tailors Microsoft’s ERP application to meet the unique requirements of manufacturing operations.

Whether a small-scale manufacturer looking to optimise your shop floor, or a large enterprise aiming to streamline your global operations, we can implement and support advanced manufacturing ERP solutions (MRPs) that drive improved operational efficiency and profitability.

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Business Central Manufacturing Services With Akita

Akita is an expert partner in Microsoft Dynamics 365, with specialist experience in delivering Business Central ERP solutions for manufacturing.

With our focus on delivering customised solutions, we can configure Business Central’s Manufacturing module to perfectly align with your unique business needs, enabling you to unlock its full potential.

business central for manufacturing

Our consultants understand the complexities involved in managing production, inventory, and supply chain activities, and we are dedicated to providing you with a solution that enhances your efficiency, reduces costs, and accelerates growth.

And they have the capabilities to expand Business Central to meet new business and production requirements, such as just-in-time manufacturing.

Whether involved in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, or a combination of both, our team of skilled consultants and developers can guide you through every step of the manufacturing ERP implementation process.

Manufacturing Functionality In Business Central

Business Central offers an advanced range of MRP features and tools:
  • Production Planning: Create and manage production orders within Business Central with tools for planning and scheduling. Define routings, calculate material requirements, and optimize production schedules.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: Define and maintain detailed BOMs with multiple levels and versioning to keep track of changes/updates.
  • Quality Control: Define quality criteria, perform inspections, and record quality results. Ensure that products meet specified standards and track quality issues and non-conformances.
  • Resource Planning: Manage manufacturing resources such as machinery, equipment, and labour. Define and allocate resources to production orders, track resource usage, and optimise resource utilisation.
  • Demand Forecasting: Business Central offers forecasting tools that use historical data, sales trends, and other factors to predict future demand.
  • Capacity Planning: In-built tools to define and manage capacities for work centres and machines. It allows you to schedule operations based on available capacity and identify bottlenecks or underutilized resources.
  • Shop Floor Control: Manage shop floor operations by enabling operators to record time, material consumption, and quantities produced. Can be integrated with wider shop floor terminals, barcode scanning, and IoT devices.
  • Costing and Financial Management: Integrates with Business Central’s financial management capabilities and wider finance systems, enabling better cost accounting and budgeting. Track manufacturing costs, calculate product costs, and analyse profitability.
  • Inventory Management: The solution provides comprehensive inventory management capabilities, including tracking and control of raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods. It supports inventory valuation methods, and reordering point calculations, and provides real-time visibility into inventory levels.
Business Central For Manufacturing
Dynamics 365 For Manufacturing Report

160%+ ROI From Adopting Business Central

Read Forrester's Total Economic report on the benefits of adopting Business Central for manufacturing and wider operations:
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Wider Features Of Business Central For Manufacturing

Further functionality that can benefit organisations includes:

  • Sales Management
  • Supply planning
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Production Orders
  • System Automation
  • Production Planning
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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Business Central For Manufacturing

Benefits Of Adopting Business Central for Manufacturing

Business Central’s MRP features can help your organisation achieve the following operational benefits:

  • Integrated MRP and MPS – Operate a single, powerful system for all your manufacturing, resources, finances, sales and much more – with seamless dataflow between all of them.
  • Improved Efficiency – From materials to shopfloor operations – have the information needed to drive new cost and time efficiencies.
  • Cost Control & Resources – Make overspending and production bottlenecks a thing of the past with an ERP production system.
  • Improve Business Intelligence – Receive the insights needed to make production decisions, helping you decide when to ramp up or scale back production on specific lines.
  • Scale with ease – Proven to support organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises, so you can grow with confidence knowing that it won’t hold you back.

Case Studies

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Business Central For Manufacturing

Expert Business Central Manufacturing Partner

As a leading developer of Micrsosoft ERP solutions, trust Akita to deliver Dynamics 365 for manufacturing.

From locations across the UK, our Business Central developers undertake new deployments of Business Central for manufacturing, expansion work for existing Microsoft ERP production systems, migrations from legacy Dynamics Navision solutions, plus ongoing support .

And as our Business Central consultants are skilled in ERP and wider business applications, we have the expertise and vision to drive all areas of your organisation’s digital transformation.

And with Akita’s wider managed IT solutions, we can deliver an all-encompassing technology service to support your organisation’s growth at every stage.

Business Central For Manufacturing
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