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In a business environment, maintaining and improving the quality of products and services is crucial for success. Organisations across industries are constantly seeking efficient and streamlined ways to manage their quality processes. This is where a Microsoft SharePoint Quality Management System can help support quality management efforts.

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What Is A Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive framework and set of processes implemented by an organisation to plan, control, and improve the quality of their products, services, and/or operations. This encompasses a range of activities, including document control, process standardisation, risk management, continuous monitoring and corrective action.

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The primary goal of a QMS is to ensure that products or services consistently meet or exceed customer expectations while adhering to relevant industry standards and regulations. It provides a structured approach to quality assurance, emphasising a culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

QMS frameworks, such as ISO 9001, serve as internationally recognised guidelines for establishing and maintaining effective quality management systems. Having a focused software solution further supports organisations in implementing this system.

SharePoint: A Versatile QMS Platform

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and document management platform, offering a myriad of features that make it an ideal choice for implementing a QMS. Its flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities provide a robust foundation for managing quality-related tasks. Below we outline some of the features that make SharePoint adept as a QMS:

  1. Data Analytics:

Quality management relies heavily on data analysis. SharePoint’s integration with Power BI allows you to create insightful dashboards and reports to monitor key quality metrics. This data-driven approach empowers informed decision-making and helps identify areas for improvement.

  1. Workflow Automation:

Automation is a key element of modern QMS, and SharePoint excels in this regard. You can create custom workflows to automate quality processes such as document approval, change requests, and non-conformance handling. This reduces manual intervention, accelerates decision-making, and enhances efficiency.

  1. Collaboration and Communication:

Effective communication among teams is essential for maintaining quality standards. SharePoint’s collaboration tools, including team sites, discussion boards, and real-time chat, enable seamless interaction among employees. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.


  1. Document Control and Management:

SharePoint’s document management capabilities allow organisations to centralise quality-related documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals, and regulatory guidelines. With version control, audit trails, and access control, you can ensure that your quality documents are always up-to-date and compliant with industry standards.

  1. Regulatory Compliance:

For businesses operating in regulated industries, compliance with quality standards is non-negotiable. SharePoint’s robust security and compliance features, including data loss prevention (DLP) and eDiscovery, ensure that sensitive quality data is protected and easily retrievable during audits.

  1. Mobile Accessibility:

With a modern workforce, accessibility is paramount. SharePoint’s mobile app ensures that quality managers and staff can access critical quality information from anywhere, enabling faster response to quality issues.

SharePoint QMS

Using SharePoint As A QMS

Let’s consider a practical scenario where a multinational pharmaceutical company successfully implemented SharePoint as its QMS.

By centralising its quality documentation, automating approval processes, and utilising SharePoint’s analytics capabilities, the company significantly reduced compliance risks.

Furthermore, the mobile accessibility of SharePoint allowed their quality teams to address issues promptly, even when working remotely.

Microsoft SharePoint quality management system

Why Choose A Microsoft QMS?

SharePoint’s versatility and robust feature set make it a compelling choice for organisations looking to elevate their quality management efforts. Whether you operate in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, or any other sector, SharePoint can be tailored to meet your specific quality needs.

By embracing SharePoint as your Quality Management System, you not only enhance compliance but also drive continuous improvement, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Implementing SharePoint as your QMS is a strategic decision that aligns with the modern business technology landscape. It empowers organisations to adapt to evolving quality standards while fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Having an edge on your competition is paramount, and a SharePoint QMS system can assist and streamline your operations, to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Akita is a leading SharePoint developer, building solutions for organisations across the UK and globally.

As an expert developer of business systems and applications, solutions such as SharePoint quality management systems are second nature to us. We’ve even developed one for our own ISO 9001 purposes.

Beyond this, our expertise with Business Central, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform means we can expand upon a QMS with wider business transformation technology.

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