Master Your Projects With SharePoint Project Management Tools Developed By Akita

Discover Akita’s Microsoft SharePoint project management systems that can cover everything from single requirements to multi-project, multi-phase deliveries.

Our cloud-based SharePoint solutions offer unparalleled accessibility, making it the ideal choice for busy project managers. What’s more, it’s accessible through various common Microsoft 365 licenses, ensuring that a SharePoint project management system is not only flexible but also highly cost-effective when compared to dedicated software solutions.

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Supporting Your Project Management Workflow


Build project areas from templated SharePoint sites then bring in the required users to access files.


Compile all required documents and ideas and structure them into sprint folders as required.


Add project steps (using SharePoint Lists or Gantt charts), assign owners and set up alerts as deadlines approach.


Oversee all project stages from central hub dashboards, accessible on the go - allowing you to deliver on time.

Features Of SharePoint Project Management Systems

Microsoft SharePoint can be configured to fulfil a range of project management requirements:

• High level overview of project status / progress
• Keep data all in one place
• Ensure clean and accurate data is held through field requirements and data validation
• Line level permissions for granular project access management

• Automate creation of templates
• Granular permissions for project roles
• Track key documents if required to progress a project
• Automatic archiving on completion of project

• Assign tasks to users
• Create email reminders as deadlines approach
• Dictate project planning milestones and scheduling

• Overall project performance
• Per task completion
• Per document and file completion
• Option to integrate with Power BI for advanced data visualisation

• Microsoft Planner
• Microsoft Project
• Consignment Tracking

Advanced Project Management Functions

Beyond team sites, we also configure SharePoint as a project-tracking tool specifically for busy project managers.

Projects can be linked to Microsoft Teams allowing easy and trackable communication around projects, plus enabling access on the go.

SharePoint can also feature Gantt charts, detailing the progress of various streams of a project – or even multiple projects – with automatic updating as tasks move through to completion. And your solution can be fully branded.

sharepoint project management tools

With Akita’s in-house expertise in Microsoft Power Platforms, we can also expand SharePoint’s automation functionality further. Using Power Apps and Power Automate, project management systems can include advanced data validation functionality, custom forms, advanced workflows, automated permission control and smart approval processes.


automated templating and structuring of projects

Smarter Project Management With SharePoint

Discover more about SharePoint project management systems we've developed in our case study:

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Why Use A SharePoint Project Management System?

  • Aligning Systems – Your SharePoint project tracking solution will be part of the same familiar system as your intranet / communication site.
  • Smarter Document Management – SharePoint offers advanced document control and management features – ideal for storing and collaborating on project files
  • Accessibility – Your project management system can be available across any device, or anywhere you can login to your Microsoft 365 account
  • Security – Benefit from Microsoft’s advanced security and data protection measures such as multi-factor authentication and the ability to roll back to previous versions should documents be deleted
  • Cost-Effective – SharePoint is significantly cheaper than most project management systems. You may already have access through your existing Microsoft 365 licensing

SharePoint For Project Management FAQs

SharePoint As A Project Management Tool

Key features of a SharePoint project management system include project sites, task lists, calendars, document management, reporting, and integration with Microsoft Project.

Assign tasks in SharePoint by creating a task list and adding tasks to the list. Tasks can then be assigned to team members and due dates and priorities can be set.

Track project progress in SharePoint by using the task list and updating task status, completion dates, and other project information. Reporting and dashboard tools can also be used to get a visual overview of project progress.

Manage documents in a SharePoint project management system by creating a document library on the project site and adding documents to the library. Users can then control access to the documents, set version controls, and track document changes.

Manage project calendars in SharePoint by creating a calendar on the project site and adding project events and milestones to the calendar. Reminders and notifications can also be set for important calendar events.

Yes. SharePoint can be integrated with other project management tools such as Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams. This allows users to share project information between different tools and get a comprehensive view of project progress.

Ensure security and access control in SharePoint for project management by setting up user permissions and roles, controlling access to project sites and documents, and using encryption and other security measures.

Manage workflows in SharePoint project management by creating custom workflows to automate project tasks and approvals. Built-in workflows can also be utilised to automate common project management tasks such as document approval and task assignment.

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