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Unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint within your organisation with our comprehensive SharePoint and SharePoint Online training services.

At Akita, we understand the potential benefits of Microsoft 365 and how harnessing the power of business applications can optimise your team’s productivity and streamline your working.

Whether looking to enhance your users’ skills, support SharePoint user adoption or seek administrator training to master the intricacies of this versatile platform, our tailored SharePoint training programs have got you covered.

Don’t let SharePoint remain an untapped resource within your organisation: contact us today to explore our Microsoft SharePoint training services and deliver the full potential of Microsoft 365 in your organisation.

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Professional Microsoft SharePoint Training

Akita is a leading SharePoint developer and training partner, helping organisations maximise the capabilities of SharePoint for businesses.

With a team of experienced trainers with deep technical expertise and practical industry knowledge, Akita ensures that each training session is informative, engaging, and practical. Their comprehensive training programmes cover all aspects of SharePoint, from basic functionalities to advanced features, enabling organisations to optimise their collaboration, document management, and workflow automation processes.

What sets us apart is a commitment to hands-on learning. With bespoke training sessions aligned to business goals, Akita adopts an interactive approach to ensure SharePoint user adoption and increase proficiency in using SharePoint effectively.

Trust in our training services designed to empower teams, improve productivity, and ensure a seamless adoption of SharePoint within the organisational framework.

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 SharePoint Training Services: What We Can Offer

Our user-focused SharePoint training is designed to empower your team, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate SharePoint’s vast capabilities effortlessly. From document management and version control to collaboration and workflow automation, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to transform your team into SharePoint power users.

Where an organisation requires general Microsoft SharePoint training, we cover a range of practical topics including:

  • Managing documents in SharePoint
  • Utilising OneDrive syncing
  • Using ‘Views’ 
  • Creating Lists in SharePoint
  • Metadata and tagging

We can also structure training based on role and seniority. Different departments will likely use your solution differently, so we can tailor our Microsoft SharePoint training to help each group get the most out of the platform.

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Talk to our experts about the specific training you require for SharePoint. Or let us tailor a package for you from our knowledge base:
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SharePoint Administrator Training

For organisations looking to manage SharePoint in-house, we also offer advanced SharePoint administrator training. These training sessions are ideally conducted one-to-one, or in small groups, and cover topics such as:

  • Establishing and revoking user permissions
  • Managing security and administration settings
  • Data storage and backup considerations
  • Site design and hierarchy
  • Structuring SharePoint with Teams

As well as providing practical training, we can also guide administrators in the procedure and policies they should maintain in their role. And as needed, we can also provide administrators with additional support for a fixed or indefinite period.

Benefits Of SharePoint Training For Organisations

Training benefits organisations in a number of ways, from more efficient usage to better SharePoint user adoption:

  • SharePoint is a robust collaboration and document management solution. By training users to use SharePoint efficiently, they’re able to more effectively use its features, enhancing efficiency in daily operations.
  • Training empowers users to collaborate better by understanding features like version control, co-authoring, and discussion boards. This improves teamwork and productivity within your organisation.
  • Linked to SharePoint’s document management capabilities, training helps users organise and search for documents efficiently, leading to faster document retrieval and better control over versioning and access.
  • SharePoint also has a wide range of security features. Through training, users can understand how to set permissions, manage access, enforce data governance policies, and protect sensitive information.

Well-trained employees maximise SharePoint’s capabilities, reducing the need for additional software solutions. So ultimately, SharePoint training leads to increased efficiency in working – saving time and costs over the long term.

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Experts In Microsoft SharePoint

Akita Intelligent Solutions is a leading provider of digital transformation consultancy and solutions, training and working with organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our SharePoint experts have experience working with a wide variety of organisations across a broad range of transformation projects and requirements. As such, they’re able to suggest and implement solutions that have been proven to deliver improved working efficiency across organisations. They’re also able to teach users how to get maximum return from SharePoint as an application.

Our SharePoint consultants’ expertise also extends into wider business systems and processes. So they’ll also be able to provide best practice guidance around wider business systems, suggesting where changes in processes can help drive greater productivity.

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