A powerful sales intelligence solution for Dynamics 365 Sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is an add-on sales intelligence solution that makes recommendations on how to enhance communications and prioritise pipelines based on information gleaned from Dynamics 365 Sales and wider communication channels such as email, calls and LinkedIn.

Akita can implement and licence Dynamics 365 Sales Insights as part of any Microsoft sales CRM implementation. Alternatively, we can work with organisations

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The Value Of Sales Intelligence

In a busy sales environment, it can be easy to miss buying signals or not respond to the most recent piece of communication – particularly when working as part of a team.

Equally, remembering what stage each deal is at can be tricky when operating at scale. So if a customer calls up ready to buy, you want to be prepared

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights helps make the task easier, tracking the state of opportunities. And using buying signals detected from a wide range of communication sources, Sales Insight can recommend how opportunities can be converted faster.

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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is available as ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ offerings.

Features of the ‘Standard’ offering include:

Guided Selling: AI-powered analysis and recommendations on communication and the best course of action based on information from Dynamics 365, Exchange and wider sources.

Account Mapping: Information on decision-makers within your target prospect and whether people within your organisation can help make those introductions.

Productivity Boost: Automatic prompts to track emails to sales leads and opportunities, recommendations for new useful sales contacts and recommended ways to create more personalised and engaging content for your prospects.

Relationship health score:  An indication of how well a relationship or opportunity is progressing based on the language used in communications and wider trends.


dynamics 365 sales insight


The ‘Premium’ offering builds upon the features of ‘Standard’ adding:

Sales Accelerator: Offering guidance on how to approach customers and likely routes for conversion based on multiple data sources

Note Analysis: Automatic recommendations for courses of action based on notes made during meetings

Connection Insights: Links communications to sales KPIs to indicate the fastest way to achieve sales success. This includes information from calls, keyword detection from emails and sentiment analysis. Connection insights can also show you the perceived state of the relationship, routes to decision-makers based on your existing contacts and suggestions of talking points based on previous communication for your organisations.

Predictive lead and opportunity scoring: Scoring that indicates the likelihood that leads and opportunities will convert and the potential revenues, allowing you to go after the most likely sales.

Why Use Dynamics 365 Sales Insight?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a scalable tool for sales management and success. But even with its advanced lead and prospect management capabilities, enquiries can overtake even the most diligent sales teams.

For high-volume sales teams, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights helps to prioritise enquiries based on buying signals and wider interaction data (such as customer service interaction).

Used effectively, it can help sales teams navigate the prospects ready to buy, suggest proof points useful for those just browsing, and warn where customers may be experiencing broader service issues and not be in a position to buy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 With Akita

Akita Intelligent Solutions designs, develops and supports business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

An experienced Microsoft Dynamics developer, we can deploy Dynamics 365 Sales Insights as part of any Dynamics 365 Sales deployment. We can also deliver it as a standalone project, adding it with your existing Dynamics 365 instance and integrating your communication channels to provide maximum sales awareness.

Sales Insights is included with Dynamics 365 Sales Premium licences. As a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP partner, we can help organisations upgrade their existing Dynamics 365 Sales licences to gain access to this feature.

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