The Journey To Working Smarter, Not Harder

The term ‘digital transformation’ has been overused for so long that its lost much of its meaning.

For some organisations, it has become about subscribing to the latest technology fads at whatever price tag purely because they are there – not because they’re proven. For others, it’s simply any step beyond the most basic of digital presences and operations.

The reality is that digital transformation is far from a buzzword. Instead, it’s the principle and approach of delivering long-term strategic value and increased profitability by using the right technology.

And that doesn’t have to start with a high price tag.

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The Digital Revolution

At its core, digital transformation is not purely an IT consideration: it is a proven, effective process to increase efficiency and profitability. This is achieved by using solutions that are tailored to assisting specific organisational requirements and workflows.

Where once this was purely the reserve of enterprise-level organisations, the technology is now available to offer this same approach to organisations of any size: anything as inexpensive as an Office 365 licence offers a gateway to smarter working.

That means that no matter their size, organisations can (and should) think big around their performance.

What is Digital Transformation? Meeting Changing Demands

As organisations have changed the way that they work, software advancements have been able to meet them. Improvements – notably derived from cloud computing – have allowed staff within organisations to work more flexibly with a guaranteed level of reliability.

Equally, recent events have driven forward the digital agenda for everyone. COVID-19 forced organisations to advance their technologies more in a matter of weeks than some had done in the preceding decade.

And having discovered that the technologies are there and affordable, many now have the appetite to explore them further.

Embracing Digital Transformation

With clear and exciting possibilities available with digital transformation technologies, don’t fear that it represents a sea change for your organisation. It’s simply doing what you’re already doing, just in a smarter way.

The solutions that Akita offers are designed to be accessible at all levels and to scale with you as you grow. And each solution delivers significant time and cost efficiencies. Embracing real digital transformation, therefore, is embracing a more productive and profitable way of working.

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