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Centralise your business working and benefit from cloud document storage, with a professional SharePoint starter site that can grow with your business.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is the premier solution for file storage and sharing. And it can also be configured as a document management platform, intranet, and internal communication solution.

Begin your journey with one of our SharePoint packages that’s ready to go out of the box:

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Untap The Potential Of Your Microsoft 365 Licensing

SharePoint Online is available through common Microsoft 365 licences businesses may already have. Utilised by organisations ranging from start-ups to enterprise level, SharePoint can support a wide range of requirements including:

  • Document storage
  • Internal communications
  • HR & Employee policy
  • Project management
  • Remote collaboration

And with our QuickStart SharePoint packaged solutions, your business can start enjoying advanced solutions faster:

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The Value Of SharePoint Online

Tackling The Pain Points Of Modern Working

As small organisations grow, you can quickly outpace working practices. Common tell-tale problems include:

• Disparate cloud storage solutions, resulting in siloed information
• Issues with document version control
• Duplication of effort as users don’t know a resource exists
• No standardisation of documentation resulting in branding inconsistency
• All users have access to sensitive files and information
• Hybrid/remote workers left out through lack of internal communication channels

A SharePoint Online setup can address all of these points, allowing organisations to collaborate, store data centrally and manage internal communication with ease.


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About Our QuickStart SharePoint Packages


How Can A SharePoint Implementation Improve Operations?

See how SharePoint Online can overcome common operational challenges experienced by many SMEs:

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Centralised Storage

Move away from disconnected cloud storage solutions. SharePoint Online offers centralised, secure storage in the cloud. Work on project-related files and ensure they’re stored in a consistent and organised way.

Quickstart SharePoint packages

SharePoint lets you work towards a common goal. Get flexible file collaboration without issues of versioning and overwriting. And with the aid of Teams group, you can even hold online discussions around key topics or important issues.

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Internal Communication

Keep staff up-to-date wherever they’re working. SharePoint makes it easy to share and update news, updates and announcements with colleagues.

QuickStart SharePoint Packages

SharePoint Starter Site - From £600

Get started with SharePoint Online with a basic intranet hub and five departmental sites. Our starter site package includes:

• One branded SharePoint hub site and page
• Up to five departmental/subject sites
• Standard libraries and navigation

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Enhanced SharePoint Site – From £1650

A SharePoint Online solution more tailored to document management. Includes everything from the starter site plus:

• Expanded libraries
• Metadata configuration
• Advanced permission and access management configuration
• Customised pages and navigation

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Bespoke Site – On Request

A fully-scoped, bespoke solution as per your organisation’s requirements.

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SharePoint Implementation Add-Ons

Business Applications For SharePoint

Additional to our Sharepoint packaged implementations, our tailored business application add-ons further enhance the functionality of your SharePoint Online solution:

Policies Library

Manage business policies and get alerts when renewals and reviews are required

Expenses Tracker

Simplify business expenses our tool for logging invoices and receipts

Asset Library

Manage files, documents and images with greater control and enhanced searchability

Mileage Calculator

Streamline mileage cost submissions across your organisation

Project Management List

Oversee basic projects, track progress and stay up to date on deadlines

Task List

Provide a handy, centralised ‘to-do’ list that helps you stay on top of work tasks

Overtime Calculator

Provide staff with an easy way to submit overtime hours to streamline payroll

Staff Directory

Deliver a utility to improve internal staff knowledge

QuickStart SharePoint

SharePoint Managed Support Service

Get support for your new SharePoint implementation. Our banked time can be used for training, further small development works, administrative tasks and general support:

Break Fix Support - SLA Backed1 hour / month2 hours / month4 hours / monthXX hours / month
Discounted Day RateN/A5%10%TBC
Process & System ReviewAnnualBi-AnnualQuarterlyTBC
Pricing£130 / month£260 / month£520 / month£POA

    Break Fix Support - SLA Backed


    1 hour / month


    2 hours / month


    4 hours / month


    XX hours / month


    Discounted Day Rate










    Process & System Review












    £130 / month


    £260 / month


    £520 / month



Wider Benefits Of SharePoint Online

Alongside broad functionality SharePoint Online offers the following benefits:

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Fully responsive

SharePoint Online looks great on phone, tablet and laptop. So no matter what device you’re using, your users will always be able to get access to files and information on the go.

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Intuitive to use

SharePoint Online is simple to navigate, making it easy for users to find what they need. Content authors can also update and manage sites with minimal training.

Microsoft SharePoint Packages & Starter Sites UK & US
Always up-to-date & Secure

With Microsoft 365 you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of SharePoint Online. And your tenant will be secured by Microsoft’s market-leading security solutions, protecting your data.

Our QuickStart SharePoint packages are also only the start of possibilities with SharePoint Online. Once deployed, your solution can continue to scale and develop as you require.

QuickStart SharePoint FAQs

How do QuickStart SharePoint packages differ from custom SharePoint implementation?

QuickStart SharePoint packages from Akita are pre-configured SharePoint starter sites designed to help organisations get up and running with SharePoint quickly. A custom SharePoint implementation is built from scratch to meet the specific needs of an organisation and typically take much longer to develop.

What are the benefits of implementing a QuickStart SharePoint package solution?

The benefits of using QuickStart SharePoint packaged solutions include reduced implementation time, improved productivity and collaboration, and lower total costs compared to custom SharePoint implementations.

How long does it take to implement a QuickStart SharePoint starter site?

Implementation times for a SharePoint starter site package from Akita vary depending on the complexity of requirements. However, implementations often take as little as five days.

Is training included with QuickStart SharePoint packages?

Yes. Basic training is included with our QuickStart SharePoint solutions and is built into the implementation time. Further training can be provided as part of an ongoing managed support plan, view more:

SharePoint Training
How is QuickStart SharePoint supported?

We offer ongoing support for organisations post-implementation. Support packages vary depending on requirements and will be tailored to specific business needs, find out more:

SharePoint Support
How is data security managed in a QuickStart SharePoint package solution?

Data security is managed with QuickStart SharePoint packages through the use of SharePoint security features such as permissions, authentication, and encryption. Organisations can also implement additional security measures as needed.

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