Why Back Up Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft hosts Dynamics 365 in its secure cloud environment, with safeguards to protect data from hardware failure, outages and similar issues.

But the backups that are in place are for Microsoft’s purposes, not the customer’s. This means that should records be accidentally deleted by staff from Dynamics 365, or information lost during an upgrade or restructure, there is no way for customers to retrieve it. And often, organisations won’t find this out until it’s too late.

Our Dynamics 365 backup solution can therefore add an extra level of safeguard to an organisation’s data, beyond the protection in place.

Features Of Dynamics 365 Backup

Automatic backup
Unlimited, ‘set and forget’ backup service that automatically backs up data up to four times a day. Data can be retained for up to a year

Fast and granular recovery
Restore any level or amount of data back to Dynamics 365 quickly, whether an entire account or just one attachment.

Choice of storage
Dynamics 365 data can be stored in Akita’s cloud, Azure Storage or another cloud venue of your choice – whatever works best for you.

Securely stored
Whatever location you choose to store your data, know that it’s secure. Akita’s data centres benefit from industry-grade security, while Microsoft’s Azure Encryption will keep your data safe.

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