Our custom PowerApp solution has streamlined the workflow of a catering company.

The MS PowerApps order automation app we've designed has delivered tangible time and cost benefits for the catering company.


The company provides outsourced catering services for educational establishments. As part of its role, the catering company provides education staff with consumables such as tea, coffee and fruit, which are then billable as part of the contract.

The process was manual and time-consuming. Orders had to be hand written, collated once a week and posted to head office. Once received, the accounts team manually entered the information into their order system and then uploaded to Sage for the purposes of billing.

Because of the time involved in the process, billing was often delayed. Furthermore, manual entry errors would result in invoices being contested. The wholesale prices of consumables also fluctuate. So in some cases, the catering company could lose out financially where an item was invoiced at an older quoted price.

A smarter automated system was required.

MS PowerApps solution

Akita designed a solution in PowerApps solution that would streamline the ordering process. Run from inexpensive devices at each site, the app captures details of the location and person placing the order.

When an authorised person goes to log an order, they’re able to scroll or search for the product which is displayed alongside its order code and unit price.


ms powerapps


Logging an order then sends data immediately to the accounts department in headquarters. Here, order details from all locations can be quickly outputted as an Excel spreadsheet ready for incorporation into the billing and Sage systems.

MS PowerApps Benefit

Our MS PowerApps solution significantly reduces the time taken on this task, saving staff at all stages of the process significant amounts of time. This in turn has a cost benefit.

Because the process is now quicker, the catering company can now bill and get paid faster. And as there’s minimal scope for data errors in billing, fewer invoices are disputed.

Improved reporting from the app also allows for the catering company to be smarter in ordering wholesale consumables, meaning it can secure better discounts against more popular items. And as pricing in the app is now updated automatically, the catering company never makes a loss.

Through all of these improvements, our PowerApps solution has delivered measurable cost-benefits for the company.

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