Business Process Automation is a method of automating processes within an organisation.

The key goal of business process automation is to take the strain off of resources, turning repetitive manual tasks into automated processes.

By adopting automation software such as Power Platform solutions and SharePoint, organisations can deliver more streamlined business practices, saving time and therefore money.

Business Process Automation In Action

One example of good business process automation is in approval management. If a fulfilment order is complete and now needs to go through several different channels of management approval in order to be signed off. As a manual process, you would have to tirelessly track down every single channel and ask for signatures, in order to get it approved. It’s time-consuming and not cost-effective.

business process automation

With an approval management solution, a document is uploaded into a system, and the approval process is initiated at the press of a button. The software then starts an automated notification process to every channel involved, informing them of what you have sent, and asking for approval. You can set timeframes, so if the document contents are time-sensitive, and one of the channels hasn’t responded, the software will keep sending a reminder notification, until it has been approved.

Once the process is underway, you also get notifications to say when a document has been signed off and by whom, giving you a transparent view of the entire process.

Benefits of scale

This example is just one small facet of how business process automation can automate workflows and have a positive impact. The more a business invests in automation, the more efficient it becomes.

The benefit of utilising automation solutions in the workplace is significant. A business can easily shift mundane, labour intensive tasks to automation, freeing up resources to concentrate on things that deliver greater value. Plus employees gain a greater sense of job satisfaction because more menial tasks will have been automated.

business process automation

Automation can also address human error. Let’s face it there’s always going to be a time when someone forgets something or an important email doesn’t get sent. The consequences could be anything from minor to catastrophic.

Business process automation is, therefore, the way forward for businesses looking to work smarter not harder.

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