Over 65% of organisations adopt a CRM system within their first five years of operation.

That’s for a good reason. Implementing a CRM solution not only streamlines work processes as your business scales but actively contributes to its growth.

That may come in the form of better-managed sales enquiries, resulting in more sales. Or it may come in the form of replacing administration with automation, helping your organisation do more in the same amount of time, with the same amount of resources.

Based on this, there are a number of reasons why to use a CRM system.

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Understanding CRM: Centralised & Streamlined Intelligence

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an advanced solution for managing contact details and data. By storing information centrally within your business, you create a single version for everyone to work from.

This ensures everyone has the right information at their fingertips, and can log all of their customer communications and interactions to a central location – a single source of truth.

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Why Use A CRM system?

  • Improve the management of contact data and business intelligence
  • Enhance customer and prospect communication across all mediums
  • Automate and simplify tasks for more efficient working
  • Monitor and manage the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns
  • Drive more sales and improve overall performance

Improve performance by improving technology

Adopting A CRM System: Creating A Business Case

A CRM system is a powerful tool for standardising and centralising customer data. But it is an investment. Our guide covers how to build your business case:


Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics As Your CRM System?

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most mature and advanced solutions available on the market.┬áIt’s an industry standard and a CRM system that experienced sales and customer service operatives will request by name.

Dynamics 365 is cloud-based, offering access on the go from PC and mobile devices. Its flexible licensing model allows businesses to choose the options they need. And it’s modular, with specialist applications for sales, marketing, customer service and field service.

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