Over 65% of organisations adopt a CRM system within their first five years of operation.

Discover the benefits of a CRM system for centralising and simplifying the management contact information and business intelligence.

A CRM system can introduce more efficient ways of achieving your operational goals. It can also help you to make better sense of your data, providing you with tangible business intelligence you can use to shape activities to be more successful.

Why use a CRM?

  • Centralise and improve the management of organisational information and business intelligence.
  • Manage and enhance customer and prospect communication across all mediums
  • Automate and simplify tasks for more efficient working.
  • Monitor and manage the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Monitor and improve the performance of your organisation.

Benefits of a CRM across your business

  • Customer services

Manage your information to provide better customer service. Important information such as key relationships, orders, invoices, sales opportunities, ongoing projects, contact history, documents and more can be seen from one screen. A CRM system can improve customer retention by as much as 27%.

  • Sales

A CRM system allows you to manage both prospect and client sales cycles. Sales pipeline management provides more accurate forecasting, helps you to understand win/loss ratios, and allows you to produce fully customisable charts and reports to keep you informed at all times. 

  • Marketing

A professional CRM will allow your team to easily create professional marketing emails and content, target the right contacts with dynamic content, and manage campaigns. As well as integrating seamlessly with 3rd party marketing software and solutions, a good CRM also gives you a complete overview of the success of marketing campaigns meaning that you can maximise your effectiveness.

  • Field services

Manage your field operatives more effectively and efficiently. Simplify jobs planning based on operatives' skills, travel and proximity to their next job. Store key customer information in your CRM for operatives to access in the field, including access to job instructions or guidance.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most mature and advanced CRM platforms available on the market.

why use a CRM

Highly recommended by leading software advisers, Microsoft Dynamics offers organisations the following benefits:

  • Wide range of functionality
  • Customisable reports and interface to fit your organisation's processes.
  • Total mobility and security
  • Advance business insights including AI features
  • Ease of integration with other Microsoft and third-party software

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