A professional sales CRM solution with an unexpectedly low price

There’s no question that CRM systems can offer huge benefits to the way organisations manage their sales data. Over 60% of businesses end up adopting a CRM solution within their first five years of operating.  

But for many SMBs, the cost of initial setup and ongoing licensing for mainstream CRM systems is prohibitively expensive. The results are systems that take years to pay for themselves, if they can be afforded at all. 

With this in mind, 365 Lite for Sales has been designed as a low-cost CRM solution that delivers all of the necessary functionality of a sales CRM system but without the big price tag.  

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What is 365 Lite for Sales? 

365 Lite for Sales is a CRM system that uses Microsoft’s infrastructure and a Power Apps UI to deliver a professional solution for managing sales leads, opportunities and wider sales pipelines  

You’ll have the ability to manage sales data in familiar ways, with records broken into:  

  • Accounts  
  • Contacts  
  • Activities  
  • Deals / Opportunities  

365 Lite for Sales also provides you with email and mail merge functionality linked to Office 365 Outlook, meaning you can use data from your CRM system to enhance your communications. 

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The familiar new solution

It’s fairly obvious where 365 Lite for Sales has taken its inspiration from.

Any salesperson joining your organisation that is used to Microsoft Dynamics will feel instantly at home. And for anyone not, it will take less than 30 minutes to learn. 

For organisations ready to move away from managing leads on spreadsheets, let 365 Lite for Sales be the beginning of a digital transformation that defines the success of your organisation. 

Ready out-of-the-box

356 Lite for Sales is a ready-to-go solution. It’s based on the best functionality of sales CRM systems meaning it will have everything you require for a straightforward sales management process.  

We recognise however that no two organisations are exactly alike. So if there are particular aspects of your sales workflow that you’d like incorporated, we can arrange for the necessary customisations. 

Modern usability

Hosted in the cloud, your 365 Lite for Sales CRM system can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

It is also responsive for use on mobile phones and devices. This means you can update your CRM system on-the-go – no more waiting to get back to the office to update a contact or log a new lead. 

Cost & Implementation

365 Lite for Sales is available for just £15 per user per month, making this a solution that any SMB can afford (a £30 per month licence per organisation is also required).  

We also avoid expensive setup costs by getting you going as quickly as possible. Our half-day implementation costs £300 and includes everything you need to get you up and running: 

  • Tenant Creation  
  • Setup of Power Apps ‘per app’ licences (quantity as required)  
  • Creation of Common Data Service environment  
  • Deployment of 365 Lite for Sales  
  • 2 hours “Train the Trainer” tutorial, to turn a member of your staff into an inhouse expert 

Studies have shown that investment in sales CRM software can typically yield a return on investment of five times the initial outlay. With these low costs, your new sales CRM system could pay for itself on your first deal.


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A future-proof CRM solution

Smart business owners think about the longevity of their technology investments. No one wants to invest in a solution they’ll soon outgrow.

Unlike other budget CRM systems, 365 Lite for Sales is built on Microsoft’s Common Data Service. This means that when your success is such that you’re ready to embrace a more complex or wide-ranging CRM system, your 365 Lite for Sales data can easily be ported into a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. That’s something other CRM systems can’t do without a big migration cost.

Just think of 365 Lite for Sales as your growth-boosting stepping stone, giving you results now that you can carry you on to future success.

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