Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementations UK

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Transform contact management & prospect conversion with our Microsoft sales CRM system deployment package

Win More Business With Microsoft Sales CRM Implementation From £3,500

Manage leads, monitor customer accounts and accurately track sales pipelines with this market-leading Microsoft sales CRM software.

Our ‘QuickStart’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation package has everything you need to get your organisation up and running.

Whether new to sales CRM technology or migrating from a legacy solution, let Akita’s experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants deliver the technology, training and best practice advice to drive radical improvements in your sales culture.

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Microsoft Sales CRM Software
Adopting A Sales CRM System

Overcome The Sales Obstacles To Growth

As a business grows, managing sales at scale becomes increasingly difficult. Signs that your sales process could be suffering include:

  • Multiple salespeople engaging with the same lead without knowing
  • Chasing the wrong leads and not converting prospects
  • Struggling to find customer communications and up-to-date contact info
  • Difficulty in retaining customers after an initial sale
  • Struggling to predict sales pipeline
  • Achieving revenues far below expectations

Microsoft’s sales CRM is tailored for end-to-end sales prospect tracking and conversion. And with our ‘QuickStart’ approach to Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, your sales team can be up and running faster. Talk to us today to see how:

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Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

About Microsoft Sales CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an advanced sales CRM solution that provides the contact management and business intelligence tools you need to turn more leads into long-term customers.

It lets sales teams manage enquiries at scale, providing them with AI-driven insights to know more about potential customers and when they are ready to buy. It then helps you move from leads to orders, all the way through to long-term customer management.

Better yet, a Dynamics 365 Sales implementation comes with proven ROI, with research showing an over ten-fold return on investment.

dynamics 365 sales quickstart sales crm
Microsoft Sales CRM Software

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Sales As Your CRM Solution

  • Professionally contact management software: track contact information, leads and opportunities with ease
  • Access sales and client information on the go
  • Deliver improved communications directly from Outlook with the Dynamics 365 add-in
  • Get AI-driven insights for when prospects are ready to buy
  • Track up-to-the-minute sales performance and provide accurate revenue pipeline figures
  • Close deals faster and build stronger relationships with customers

View the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales in our video:

microsoft sales CRM software
Sales CRM Solution

Video: Dynamics 365 Sales Demo

Watch our video offering a guided demonstration of our Dynamics 365 configured for QuickStart Sales:

Packaged Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Use Dynamics 365 Sales to keep track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, and create sales collateral, seamlessly linking sales with marketing. You can also create marketing lists and campaigns, and follow service cases associated with specific accounts or opportunities.

Your customers will appreciate it because it lets them engage with you in the ways that they prefer. You’ll also have all the information you need to service them to hand and be able to communicate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Plus you’ll be able to receive instant insights about customer opinions and feelings, the market environment, and priorities in phone calls to enable guided selling.

Even while on the move, your sales professionals will have all they need to hand. And you’ll be able to adapt rapidly, as you get advanced information about revenue projections, performance, and daily actions.

Future planning is also a key benefit. You’ll be able to streamline sales cycles through suggested next best actions, focusing on the highest-priority activity with the best propensity to close. Plus you’ll be able to predict revenue fluctuations and highlight areas of focus from top to bottom of the funnel.

QuickStart Sales from just £3,500

All of your Microsoft sales CRM software requirements are in a single package - just add licensing. For more, call us on +44 (0)330 135 8042 or get in touch:
Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Among our wider Dynamics 365 Sales services, our managed support plan ensures you’re covered for all you need, even after your QuickStart Sales deployment. Our packages of banked time can be used for support, consultancy, change requests and training as you require them. And with support covered by a guaranteed response time, you’ll be sure to get your issue solved fast.

Package Typical User CountBronze 1 - 3 usersSilver 1 - 10 usersGold 11 - 20 usersCustom 20+ users
Break Fix Support SLA Backed1 hour / month2 hours / month4 hours / monthPer requirement
Discounted Day RateN/A5%10%TBC
Process & System ReviewAnnualBi-AnnualQuarterlyTBC
Pricing£130 / month£260 / month£520 / month£POA / month
  • Package Typical User Count

    Break Fix Support SLA Backed

    Bronze 1 - 3 users

    1 hour / month

    Silver 1 - 10 users

    2 hours / month

    Gold 11 - 20 users

    4 hours / month

    Custom 20+ users

    Per requirement

  • Package Typical User Count

    Discounted Day Rate

    Bronze 1 - 3 users


    Silver 1 - 10 users


    Gold 11 - 20 users


    Custom 20+ users


  • Package Typical User Count

    Process & System Review

    Bronze 1 - 3 users


    Silver 1 - 10 users


    Gold 11 - 20 users


    Custom 20+ users


  • Package Typical User Count


    Bronze 1 - 3 users

    £130 / month

    Silver 1 - 10 users

    £260 / month

    Gold 11 - 20 users

    £520 / month

    Custom 20+ users

    £POA / month

Dynamics 365 Sales
Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Looking To Tailor Dynamics 365 Sales?

Alongside our packaged approach, Akita regularly develop custom sales CRM solutions for organisations that require a more tailored work flow or require wider integration. To discuss requirements please get in touch:
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Expert Partner For Dynamics 365 Sales Implementations

We have over 20 years’ of experience in designing, developing, managing and supporting business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we deliver bespoke solutions using technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics, but also SharePoint, Teams and Power Platforms (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps Portals and Power Automate). Plus we deliver wider services and support through our managed IT services division.

Our diverse industry expertise, combined with our deep understanding of transformative technologies, ensures we support our customers and help them achieve their goals.

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