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Trust your Microsoft ERP or CRM development project to a proven Microsoft partner.

From the development of new tenants to the expansion or upgrade of existing instances, our Dynamics developers can ensure the success of any project.

And due to our extensive knowledge surrounding wider Microsoft 365 solutions, we also guide organisations on further integrations to increase functionality and add value.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development

What Do We Develop?

Microsoft Dynamics Development
Our Development Technique

Microsoft Dynamics Development Process

We follow an Agile project management methodology, which we’ve found to be the most effective approach for delivering Microsoft Dynamics projects. (For more information on this approach please see our Project Management page).

From the outset of any CRM or ERP development project, we first take time to understand individual organisational needs and aspirations for the outcome of the implementation. This ensures we have a good idea of what the organisation wants to achieve with their new system, and in turn, makes it easier for us to help make that happen.

What is Dynamics 365?

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics

Our Step-By-Step Method

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Approach


Which areas of the organisation need to be addressed by the project?

New & Existing Data

What data will be imported? Where is it currently? What new data is required?

Entities & Reports

How will data be managed? What data needs to be easily accessible?


What documents, emails or files will be imported, and what permissions do they need to carry?

New Behaviours

Are new policies and procedures needed? If yes, training may also be required.

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Case Studies: Microsoft Dynamics Development

Our Dynamics 365 developers are well-versed in delivering projects on time and within budget. Take a look at some of our CRM and ERP projects:

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Microsoft Dynamics Development Services

Post-Implementation Support

Our hypercare is in place to ensure organisations are continually getting the most out of their Dynamics 365 setups.

Our experts will engage and train users; ensuring they’re confident in using Dynamics 365 and have the right knowledge based on their role. We’ll also typically identify a ‘super user’ – someone with a natural flair for Dynamics 365 – and guide them to become the organisation’s own in-house ‘how to’ expert.

We also run senior management training and hypercare, including how to set up automatic reports and Power Bi visualisations.

And with our ongoing support offering, there’s someone on-hand for additional technical and ‘how-to’ queries, as well as further development requests, with a guaranteed response time.

Microsoft Dynamics Development
Keeping Development Simple

Straightforward CRM & ERP Development

We develop functionality in sprints, providing updates as each stage is finished. Any specific requirements will be addressed with expert guidance and our consultants will work to implement these as seamlessly as possible.

Once a Dynamics 365 project is ready for implementation we’ll provide a ‘sandbox’ as an area to safely test the new setup. This allows us to fix any bugs or discrepancies in the unlikely event that any emerge, and also enables the end user to confirm they’re happy with the final setup.

Microsoft Dynamics
About Us

Dynamics 365 With Akita

With over 25 years of experience in digital success solutions, we design, develop and support business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

We’ve supported major organisations around the world with their Microsoft Dynamics development needs, with CRM and ERP development services spanning a broad range of industries and functional requirements

With expert knowledge of both Microsoft Dynamics and wider business processes and best practices, we’re perfectly placed to help you get the most from your project.

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