Organisational growth demands smarter working solutions.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, delivered in Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, will introduce the processes and structures needed to drive your organisation forward.

From solving production bottlenecks to eliminating inefficiencies and delivering better operational data, an ERP system will stimulate growth by making your whole company work smarter, not harder.

Why use an ERP system?

Companies choose an ERP system when they are looking to grow, but are being held back by traditional methods of working and management.

An ERP system can improve and simplify processes across every area of your business. It will introduce efficient workflows, automate tasks and reduced duplication of work. This increases the overall efficiency of your operations.

An ERP solution will also bring together information from across your business. It can replace other disparate and disconnected systems (accounting programs, production software, HR systems and so on) with a central unified solution where wall staff can work from. And by bringing all of your key data together, you'll be able to generate better business intelligence and insight into your performance.

Organisations can use an ERP to:

  • Oversee all operations, from production to service delivery.
  • Manage all sales leads and customer enquiries from a central location.
  • Simplify and streamline work processes.
  • Run accounts and automate billing.
  • Generate up-to-the-minute business reporting.

Nine out of ten companies that adopt an ERP system say that it has improves some or all of their processes. These efficiencies quickly add up to tangible savings for your business. This is usually accompanied by an uplift in sales, thanks to better management of new and existing customers.

why use an erp

Benefits of an ERP system

An ERP can benefit the following areas of your operations:

  • Sales

Track all information about enquiries from new and existing customers from start to finish within your ERP. Manage details of potential sales, order enquiries by the level of interest and prioritise those that are ready to buy. Once a sale is agreed, automatically pass details straight to your manufacturing or service teams for completion, and to accounts for billing.

  • Manufacturing

Improve communication, automate processes, and track the processing of orders with always up-to-date information. Use Microsoft Dynamics to find production bottlenecks and predict resource shortfall, then make adjustments to improve operations before problems arise.

  • Finances

An ERP system can deliver a real-time overview of your business’ finances wherever you are. From automating daily tasks to generating status reports, simplify how your business manages its cash flow to support operations and maximise profit.

  • Supply chain & warehousing

From a single stock room to a chain of warehouses, keep track of your products and their movements. Get an overview of all activities from a single dashboard and get up-to-the-moment business intelligence on your stock levels.

  • Human resources

Manage company data and simplify employee management tasks like payroll and talent acquisition. You can also track employee performance and identify HR problems before they arise, improving employee retention.

  • Operations

Use an ERP solution as your business management solution. Discover the most and least profitable areas of your operations, see predicted sales revenues and follow changes in manufacturing and labour costs in real-time, allowing you to make decisions that increase overall business profitability.

For examples of our ERP projects, view our case studies.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems

Microsoft has been offering ERP solutions for almost 20 years. The various Microsoft Dynamics iterations have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide (many companies will be familiar with Microsoft Dynamics Navision for example).

Over time, processes have been streamlined and advanced features added. So the Microsoft Dynamics solution you adopt today is guaranteed to work right for you – because it already works perfectly for thousands of other companies.

The latest iteration of Microsoft's ERP software, Dynamics 365 Business Central, now offers businesses a fast and most cost-effective solution for getting up and running with a professional ERP system.

For a closer look at a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system or to discuss your project with one of our consultants, please get in touch. 

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