Complete Protection For Your SharePoint & Wider Microsoft 365 Setup

Protect your organisation’s operations with a Microsoft SharePoint backup solution from Akita.

Expert partners for SharePoint, our SharePoint Online backup is delivered by experienced infrastructure engineers and is designed to give organisations peace of mind around data held in Microsoft 365.

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Why Use A SharePoint Backup Solution?

A SharePoint backup solution is essential for businesses using SharePoint as their collaboration and document management platform.

Organisations using Microsoft SharePoint Online often assume that Microsoft is backing up their data for them. But this is not the case. While Microsoft’s cloud environment is fully secured and protected against data loss (from failed Microsoft drives, power outages and so on), this does not extend to files that are deleted or changes made by users themselves. When a file is deleted, or SharePoint Online instance is altered, Microsoft only keeps a record for 30 days. After that, it’s effectively gone forever.

A SharePoint Online backup enables the protection of important data in the cloud and can prevent significant losses in case of data loss, corruption or accidental deletion. A robust SharePoint backup solution can also facilitate the restore critical information within a short time, saving businesses time and money.

About Our SharePoint Backup Solution

Our SharePoint Online backup solution provides continuous and automatic backups of SharePoint sites, lists, and documents to ensure data is always recoverable in case of a disaster or security breach.

Powered by Veeam Backup, it allows for the potentially indefinite backup of SharePoint Online and Office 365 data (subject to agreement). This means that all of your SharePoint Online files – and your organisation’s emails – can be stored and protected.

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Data is kept safe in Akita’s secure and reliable cloud setup, powered by two highly-secure, ISO-accredited datacentres.

Should you need to recall files or data, we can access it on either a per-file basis or a wholesale restoration basis. This means we can retrieve accounts, inboxes or even whole tenants as needed.

Our SharePoint solution is a necessary protection for any organisation with a large number of users accessing an intranet or extranet. With the risk of accidental file deletion or unwanted document edits high, you need to have a way of winding back the clock.

SharePoint On-Premise Backup

We also offer SharePoint On-Premise backup services and wider files held on in-house servers.

Akita operates two data centre presences that offer high levels of security and reliability for your cloud backups.

Data is securely transferred between your site and our cloud instances. This ensures nothing can be intercepted in transit. And should you need to call on data, you can access it in the same way as with our SharePoint Online backup.

Choosing a cloud backup for your SharePoint instance can often be a conversation starter for a wider-hosted SharePoint solution.

And should you wish, we can also offer a backup of other files and applications you have, ensuring that they are fully protected in case the worst should happen.

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Wider Office 365 & Microsoft 365 Backup

As well as SharePoint, our backup service can also support both wider Office 365 and Microsoft 365 requirements.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 backup adds protection to existing accounts, ensuring that files and data are duplicated and stored securely.

The backup can also be used as a way of securing information from old Microsoft 365 accounts. This ensures that important files and emails that a past user or previous colleague may have saved or sent are stored and available as needed.

Our backup solution ensures that both individual files and entire accounts can be retrieved quickly as required. So for added security for your wider Microsoft 365 tenant, please get in touch.

Microsoft SharePoint Experts

Akita Intelligent Solutions designs, develops and supports business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

We’re SharePoint experts, working with organisations of all sizes and profiles and with a range of challenges.

Alongside backup solutions and wider services, we provide consultancy to organisations looking to review and strengthen the security of their SharePoint setup and wider Microsoft 365 tenants.

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