The Microsoft 365 suite of applications brings a range of benefits to business users. Discover how using SharePoint with Teams adds value to an organisation.

The Microsoft 365 suite of applications has many benefits to business users – not least that applications can work together seamlessly for enhanced functionality. Organisations are increasingly discovering the benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint in Teams. We outline below how this can add extra value to an organisation and transform Teams into a cost-effective unified communication solution.

Why Link SharePoint And Teams?

SharePoint Online is a collaborative workspace application that allows groups of users to share documents and data in a secure online space. Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration application that allows team members to utilise real-time communication tools to chat and hold virtual meetings with each other.

They may sound separate, but the two are intrinsically linked. Teams uses SharePoint for the purposes of storing files shared in messages and groups. So when a Teams channel is created, a SharePoint site is also created. And by reciprocation, when a new site is created in SharePoint, a dedicated Teams channel is also created.

This synergy is designed to make it easier for team members to start collaborating quickly. But accessing SharePoint in Teams has other benefits too.

SharePoint in teams

Benefits Of Using SharePoint In Teams

When using SharePoint in Teams, users can work as part of a group to integrate chats, tasks, calendars, and files. The permissions for each group can be public or private, with private membership of teams co-existing alongside teams that are publicly accessible by anyone within the organisation. As an application, Teams is structured by channels that can be created by individual team users or by the organisation. So the site layout between the two is fairly similar and easy to navigate.

This structure also means it’s easy for users to find files or information in SharePoint in Teams. As a result, there’s the potential to use the combined applications as a knowledge repository for those working away from their PC (eg. field engineers or sales executives). This approach can provide them with all the information they need to complete their task from their phone or device.

SharePoint is also known as a solution for creating intranets and engaging site pages to inform users of the latest internal news and updates. Accessing a SharePoint intranet in this way can be a benefit to organisations that with users working on the go. As Teams is the tool staff will use for communicating, adding SharePoint in Teams enables ‘at-a-glance' access to company news and messages, instilling brand values at the same time.

With a user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration, and fast, secure, permissions-based access to the files stored, utilising SharePoint in Teams can facilitate more productive online working and communicating for any organisation.

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