For modern business, agility and quick decision-making are key to staying competitive.

Organisations often find themselves held back by outdated, rigid, and disconnected systems, making it difficult to adapt to new challenges and seize emerging opportunities. To combat this, systems need to be adaptive and integrate seamlessly with wider operations.

According to industry insights, 93% of business leaders recognise the advantages of adaptable, integrated ERP solutions. Despite this, only a fraction feel confident in their current ERP systems' ability to support their business models, primarily in terms of integration, agility to expand, and ability to integrate with wider business systems.

This gap highlights an opportunity for organisations still operating with legacy on-premises solutions to rethink their approach. And with many of Microsoft's legacy ERP solutions now reaching the end of life, now should be the time to consider migrating to a cloud-based ERP solution and embracing the benefits offered by modern Microsoft ERP solutions.

Challenges With On-Premises ERP Systems:

There are recurring themes for organisations utilising legacy ERP systems. Often overlooked day-to-day, but can eventually seriously impact an organisation - either in terms of market position or reputational issue. Typical challenges are:

Sluggish Response: Disconnected data and lack of real-time access to information can impact on business decision-making, preventing organisations from spotting important trends.

Security Risks: The challenges of end-of-life software and on-premise hosting introduce security and operational vulnerabilities, challenging the upkeep of compliance with security standards is challenging, but also poses the risk of a data breach.

Competitive Disadvantages: Where every little benefit can deliver a competitive advantage, using a legacy ERP solution can make it difficult to keep pace with competitors that utilise AI and technologies that can support optimisation.

Any combination of the above can, over time, prove limiting to a business. So is a cloud migration the answer?

How Can A Cloud ERP Solution Benefit Your Business?

In light of the commonality of on-premise ERP problems, Microsoft's cloud-based ERP solutions are designed to mediate the above, as well as support increased business agility.

Security Enhancements:

Migrating to the cloud with Dynamics 365 can enhance your security posture by allowing you to leverage the latest in cloud technology and reduce the risks associated with outdated systems. Advanced security measures protect your data and help meet complex compliance requirements, making the migration both a strategic and necessary shift if you want to bolster your defences.

AI-Guided Productivity:

By adopting cloud solutions, organisations can access new efficiencies powered by AI. Dynamics 365 integration allows organisations to automate routine tasks, harness intelligent data analytics, and facilitate more meaningful engagements across teams. This improves productivity and ensures your operations are primed for future growth and innovation.

Migrating to the cloud for easier working on the go

Agility for Rapid Change:

With economic fluctuations and evolving consumer preferences, agility is critical. Microsoft's cloud ERP solutions are designed to give you the flexibility to adapt swiftly, enabling you to review up-to-the-minute data and respond to market conditions. With this ability, organisations can capitalise on new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage within their marketplaces.

Leverage Akita's Expertise With Cloud ERP Solutions

Transitioning to the cloud can seem daunting. But with Akita's expert guidance, it’s a streamlined, simple process. Our team of specialists ensures your migration is planned and executed with precision. We assess your specific needs, tailor solutions that fit your unique requirements, and provide ongoing support to maximise your cloud investment.

To facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud, Akita follows Microsoft’s AIM program – Accelerate, Innovate, Move. This initiative is designed to tailor your migration path, providing expert assessments and dedicated support throughout your journey to the cloud. AIM ensures that your move is as smooth and efficient as possible, enabling you to start realising the benefits of the cloud without delay.

With findings indicating that deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central as a cloud-based ERP system can yield a 172% ROI over three years, it doesn't take organisations long to see the benefits of this method

Strategy For Migrating To The Cloud

Akita’s ERP migration services can support your organisation with the tools needed for a successful shift. With improved security, enhanced agility, and AI-driven productivity, our solutions offer a comprehensive approach to modernise your operations and achieve your objectives.

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