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We offer five reasons to consider choosing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system as your next business management solution.
Why Use Microsoft Dynamics As Your CRM System

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics As Your CRM System?

1. Critically-acclaimed CRM system

Microsoft Dynamics is widely rated as one of the world's leading CRM platforms. It holds high-positions in various independent analyst awards including several of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, Forrester’s Wave reviews and Nucleus Research’s Technology Value Matrixes. Find out more here.

2. Fully Developed CRM platform

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most mature CRM platforms available, tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of businesses. The platform has a clear development path and excellent support, keeping it bug-free. There’s also a large audience of independent users and content providers, so you’re as likely to find the answer to your Dynamics ‘how to’ query on YouTube as on Microsoft’s website.

3. Not Just A Sales CRM

It’s a multi-faceted platform. While it excels in meeting sales, marketing and customer service requirements, there is scope for it to be used across virtually every area of your business - from accounts to talent recruitment. The more functionality that’s added, the easier it becomes to report on and manage your entire business.

4. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM system will grow with you

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM is scalable with your organisation’s growth. New functionality can be integrated as and when your business requires, unlocking new possibilities and efficiencies as you go. With Dynamics 365’s licensing, it’s also easy to add new users based on the permissions they require, or scale down licenses should staff leave.

Dynamics CRM system

5. Wider Microsoft 365 Integration (and more)

As a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 can integrate with other Microsoft solutions such as Office 365 and Outlook (above), providing smarter working solutions. Independent software (such as accounts packages) can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics for increased functionality and efficiency.

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