Too often, organisations choose to accept a sub-par experience from their ERP system.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is designed to be the central nervous system of an organisation’s operations. Too often though, organisations choose to accept a sub-par experience from their ERP system. Often, this results in procedures and organisational behaviour changing adversely, rather than faults with the ERP system being addressed. So is it time to change your ERP system?

To see if your ERP system is working for you or vice versa, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your organisation have a single source of real-time financial reporting within your current ERP solution?

Your ERP should be providing you with the key financial data about your organisation. Your financial reporting – current, trends and predictions – are a central requisite to you running your business successfully. If your ERP system isn’t currently providing this information - or even can’t give you this data - then it’s time for a radical rethink about the purpose of your ERP system.

Is your current ERP system creating silos and inefficiencies that are slowing down your operations?

The point of an ERP system is to facilitate the streamlining of processes within an organisation. If management are not able to get a report on a particular area of the business then something is wrong.

There are a couple of possible problem causes. Staff may not be recording data in the way required. This is often symptomatic of a system that doesn’t work for users.

User abandonment of a company’s ERP is a dangerous problem and tough to address. Once demotivated it can be difficult to reinvigorate usage without being coercive. Your ERP system should therefore offer the most streamlined usability possible for your staff while delivering management the information they need.

Alternatively, data may be becoming siloed within departments. In this instance, ERP reporting should have been setup to a state that such data should be fully accessible to the whole business (where appropriate). If it’s not, there’s a problem.

In either instance, your ERP is creating inefficiencies in your organisation that need addressing.

How much time and effort do upgrades of your current ERP solution take?

By now you may have an idea that your ERP system is not serving your organisation’s interests. So how easy would it be to fix that? Is the work simple to achieve? Would it be cheap to do?

And not only for modifications. Ask yourself how easy (or indeed disruptive) it would be just to get your ERP up to the latest version? Would it be fully patched and protected from the latest threats?

If answers to these questions are not positive, it’s time to change your ERP system.

Why choose Dynamics 365 as your new ERP solution?

For a start, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can address all of the above issues.

Business Central gives real-time visibility into financials. Through its embedded analytics and graphic visualisation, it can make quick sense of your data. Beyond the high level, you can use it to drill-down into your transactions, establishing where profit or loss is deriving from so that you can make effective changes to your business processes.

Business Central can be your central source of operations intelligence. It will enable your workforce to collaborate, share key information and do business anywhere.

Business Central also offers flexible, adaptable and scalable deployment options. It’s easy to add new users or bolt on new functions as your organisation grows and expands.

Best of all, thanks to Business Central's cloud setup, your instance will always be up to date. Microsoft schedules regular fixes and patching, while major updates happen twice a year with the option for users to explore changes before they happen, and then deploy when you’re ready.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a professional ERP solution because it’s designed to work for an organisation, not against it. If you can’t say the same about your current ERP solution then it’s time for a change.

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