Intranet home pages serve as a central hub for internal communications and operations.

The design and content of this page should be carefully considered to encourage employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration. In constructing an intranet home page, the following elements should be considered to drive engagement:

Key Focuses For Intranet Home Page


Effective navigation is crucial for any business technology platform. A well-structured and labelled navigation menu ensures that users can swiftly access different sections of the intranet, such as departments, project spaces, and tools. It simplifies the user journey, saving time and reducing frustration. Moreover, including a search bar enhances usability by enabling users to locate specific content or documents with ease. This combination of intuitive menu design and search functionality streamlines the platform's usability, improving overall productivity within the organization.

Additionally, it's essential to regularly update and refine the navigation system as the business evolves. Ensuring that it aligns with the changing needs of users and the organization as a whole is key to maintaining its effectiveness. In summary, navigation is a fundamental aspect of business technology that should be designed with user efficiency in mind and adapted to meet evolving requirements.


Incorporating corporate branding, even within internal systems, is crucial for creating an engaging solution. Maintaining a consistent use of brand colours, logos, and other visual elements not only fosters a sense of unity but also aligns seamlessly with external branding strategies. This holistic approach instils a more robust corporate identity and culture that resonates with both on-premises and remote employees.

It reinforces the company's values, vision, and mission, enhancing the feeling of belonging among all members of the organisation. Moreover, a unified brand presence also communicates professionalism and reliability, both internally and externally, strengthening the company's reputation and its ability to attract and retain talent and clients. Thus, corporate branding is a strategic asset that goes beyond aesthetics, influencing the overall perception and success of the organisation.

intranet home page


Personalised content transforms your intranet home page from a basic system that applies to no one specifically into a tailored dashboard that engages your users. Employing role-based or location-based personalisation ensures that the home page is as relevant as possible to individual users.

For example, an employee in the marketing department might see quick links to marketing project folders, relevant news updates, and a calendar of upcoming marketing events. This level of personalisation not only enhances user engagement but also boosts productivity by delivering precisely the information each user needs. It's a potent tool to maximise the intranet's utility and user satisfaction.

Plus, with SharePoint user analytics, your internal communications teams can also understand the types of content that resonate for different groups. This allows you to create more relevant and engaging content.


Perhaps the item you'd most expect on an intranet home page, A news feed or updates section can serve as an efficient means of distributing important announcements, policy changes, or corporate achievements. This feature aids in maintaining transparent communication channels throughout the organisation. Furthermore, it saves time as employees don’t have to sift through emails or physical memos for updates; a glance at the home page suffices.


Integrating productivity tools and resources effectively can transform the intranet home page into a comprehensive one-stop solution for day-to-day tasks. It streamlines operations by providing convenient access to email clients, calendars, or project management software, resulting in heightened operational efficiency. You can also link to reporting tools such as Power BI to show company performance against KPIs or metrics or value, driving a sense of community.

Seamless integration can be achieved through embedded widgets that offer real-time updates or through quick links that swiftly connect users to essential tools and resources. This level of integration not only simplifies workflows but also encourages employees to utilise the intranet as their go-to platform for work-related activities, further enhancing productivity and overall user satisfaction with the internet home page.

Social Features

Consider including social features in your intranet home page such as forums, shout-out boards, or employee recognition sections. These features can foster a more engaging and interactive work environment, improving overall morale and teamwork.

Creating An Engaging Intranet Home Page

In conclusion, the intranet home page should be a seamless blend of functionality, corporate branding, personalised content, communication channels, productivity tools, and social features. When well-executed, the intranet home page becomes more than just a digital bulletin board; it transforms into a vital component of an organisation’s operational infrastructure.

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