Primarily known for its document management and intranet capabilities, SharePoint's capabilities are far more extensive.

We explore how organisations can leverage SharePoint’s advanced business uses to streamline their processes and enhance general management.

Simplifying Staff Management

 HR & Accounts Operations

SharePoint offers an integrated solution for managing overtime, expenses, and mileage. Customisable lists and forms enable employees to submit their details, which can be automatically routed for approval. This helps not only with accurate record-keeping but also efficient expense processing and payroll.

Time Off Management

Managing leave requests and tracking time off can be a cumbersome process. One of SharePoint’s advanced business uses is in simplifying this, providing a centralised platform where employees can apply for leave, and managers can approve or decline requests easily. Calendar integration allows for a clear overview of team availability, ensuring that staffing levels are always maintained.

Employee Information: Centralised And Secure

Keeping accurate and up-to-date employee records is crucial. SharePoint's secure environment is ideal for storing sensitive information such as personal details, employment history, and performance reviews. Access controls ensure that only authorised personnel can view or edit this information, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

Staff Management: Enhancing Collaboration And Productivity

SharePoint aids in creating a more connected and better-informed workforce. Features like team sites, newsfeeds, and social networking tools foster collaboration and communication among employees. Task lists and project management tools enable teams to track progress and stay aligned with organisational goals, thus boosting productivity.

Orientation Process: Streamlining New Hire Integration

The orientation process is pivotal in shaping a new employee's experience. One of SharePoint’s advanced business uses is in creating an engaging and informative onboarding experience. New hires can access orientation schedules, training materials, and essential documents in one place. This not only makes the process more efficient for HR but also helps new employees settle down faster and become a part of the company culture.

SharePoint's advanced business uses

Employee Engagement

Personalised Employee Portals

SharePoint enables the creation of personalised employee portals; centralised hubs where staff can access personal information, company news, and personal and shared documents. These portals can be customised to reflect the employee's role, department, and interests, ensuring that they receive the most relevant and therefore engaging content.

Training And Development Programs

A key focus within staff management is encouraging continuous learning and development. SharePoint’s advanced business uses facilitate this by hosting training materials, online courses, and interactive learning modules within the platform. Employees can track their progress and take assessments, and managers can monitor participation and completion rates to align training with organisational objectives.

Advanced Business Features

Workflow Automation In HR And Accounts

SharePoint's automation capabilities can streamline and simplify processes for HR and Accounts departments by significantly reducing the manual tasks that need to be completed. From automating leave approval processes to streamlining expense claims and payroll processing, SharePoint can transform time-consuming tasks into efficient, automated workflows.

Customisable Dashboards For Monitoring KPIs

Customisable dashboards in SharePoint provide real-time insights into various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). HR managers can track employee satisfaction, turnover rates, and recruitment metrics, while Accounts departments can monitor financial KPIs like budget variances, expense trends, and revenue growth.

Integration With Other Systems

One of SharePoint's strengths is its ability to integrate with other systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This integration allows for a seamless flow of information across different business functions, enhancing data accuracy and decision-making capabilities.

Understanding SharePoint’s Advanced Business Uses

Microsoft SharePoint is more than just a collaborative platform; it's a comprehensive solution with the power to enhance various aspects across multiple business functions. From HR and Accounts to employee engagement and strategic management, SharePoint's advanced business uses have the capability to improve the way businesses operate.

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