Improve corporate cohesion and drive employee efficiency with a corporate intranet.

A corporate intranet allows your company to communicate internally. It offers a private way to communicate across an organisation giving your employees, management and important stakeholders the ability to pass business-related information in a seamless and effective manner.

Here, we look at some of the possible benefits of an intranet for corporate communication.

Distributing information with a corporate intranet

A corporate intranet provides an effective way to communicate and distribute information in a time-efficient way.

For example, should the CEO need to communicate to all staff, rather than call a meeting or video call (stopping everyone from working), they can upload a message or video to the corporate intranet to be seen by all their employees at their leisure. Engagement can then be tracked to ensure everyone has got the message.

An intranet can also be used for providing company updates, showing key performance stats such as sales figures and customer service feedback. This can create a sense of cohesion for organisations (particularly those spread geographically), helping them to work towards one goal. It can also be used to engender competition between different teams, raising performance overall.

Crucially, information stored or shared on a corporate intranet system can be secured. So unlike an email, if you only want your data to be for reference, you can secure it so that employees can only access it in particular ways (eg. no downloading).

Provide an effective support base

As well as the focal point of communication for your organisation, your corporate intranet can also be the support base for your employees.

corporate intrnaet

Getting the right information, particularly within large organisations, can be tricky. By storing important documents, guidelines, HR information, training manuals and regulations in your intranet, your employees can quickly find solutions to their issues.

Having one place to find solutions can make employees more efficient. In turn, employees become more confident in their abilities to complete the task at hand successfully.

Promote ethics and sustainability

Organisations increasingly need to demonstrate that they are ethical in their practices. Many go out of their way to prove this to investors and the media. But this information is often equally of value for employees.

A corporate intranet provides a way for organisations to communicate corporate social responsibility (CSR) value to their employees. It can be used to explain plans to turn the business into a greener company or demonstrate to employees how that organisation plans to reduce its carbon footprint.

And rather than just success stories (which is what investors may want to hear), the intranet can tell the ‘work in progress stories’ too.

To this end, the corporate intranet can also be used to promote CSR standards and opportunities to employees. From promoting fundraisers and charitable events to welcoming ideas for a more environmentally-friendly supply chain, an organisation can create groundswell from within its own ranks to drive CSR improvements.

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