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Rapid changes in workplace demands and demographics have made an effective internal communications strategy more crucial than ever.

Business leaders and internal communications (IC) specialists are increasingly acknowledging the importance of fostering IC in their companies.

According to research by VMA Group, 92% of senior leadership in businesses appreciate and support internal communication, while 77% of IC practitioners believe that CEOs value the importance of IC.

Internal communication has benefits such as enhancing transparency, creating a productive work environment, keeping business goals on track, and promoting collaboration.

Intranets are one of the modern technologies widely used by organisations to improve IC. Here are some of the ways an intranet can enhance IC.

Boosting cooperation and engagement among employees

Intranet improves IC since it enables the sharing and delivering of essential company updates.

The communication can be customised for a more personal touch that helps employees create a sense of belonging and feel valued by the firm.

Using Microsoft SharePoint, staff in different departments can be shown a customised view of information depending on relevancy to their job role (eg. sales targets, customer service stats, project news etc.) as well as content demonstrating their contribution to wider values (such as charity, CSR and sustainability).


intranet internal communications strategy

Additionally, employees can effectively collaborate and share vital information through the connectivity provided at both individual and departmental levels.

Communication is multidirectional

An intranet is an efficient tool that can be used to get rid of the traditional trend of communication where information takes a downward hierarchical flow.

It allows for multidirectional communication where top leadership can gain invaluable insights from the feedback received from employees. SharePoint can support this in several ways, from virtual suggestion boxes to feedback polls.

The all-encompassing, inclusive, and participatory approach ensures that the voice of junior staff members is heard and considered.

Fostering the culture of the organisation

IC via a SharePoint intranet platform has been established to be one of the most effective methods a company can use to instil its culture among employees.

The company can use it for the internal sharing of HR, work-related or social information as well as brand-related information that can then be passed to external customers with ease through sharing functionality (eg. for the promotion of a marketing campaign).

internal communications strategy

Through SharePoint’s external sharing functionality, new staff being on-boarded into an organisation can also be given access to relevant information and documents before their start date. In this way, a SharePoint intranet can start to communicate the culture of an organisation to staff even before they begin working for it.

Convenient posting and access to success statistics

One of the most important details every employee should have is how much progress the business is making. It is a critical question that should be communicated internally for evaluation as well as motivation purposes.

With an easy-to-update SharePoint intranet platform, a company does not have to wait for monthly, quarterly or annual meetings to get important information out to its staff (particularly if located across multiple offices or locations).

An intranet allows for regular updates on key metrics and statistics that give employees the latest insights into the performance of the company. It can even be used to host video updates from senior management.

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