How integrating your virtual events platform with your marketing CRM can deliver smarter working.

Recent years have seen the rise of virtual events as an engaging and convenient solution for running virtual marketing events. And Teams webinars is exceptional for running such events. With streamlined, simplified event management to effortless catch-up and follow-up functionality, partnering Dynamics 365 Marketing with Teams webinars helps ensure more engagement, build brand, and secure more customers.

Taking the stress out of event management

The Microsoft Teams webinars platform gives you the ability to host completely secure and interactive webinars that include features like polls, reactions and video sharing across 1,000 members of the audience.

Having to run your virtual event from a separate platform to your marketing automation can be labour-intensive. So being able to manage your webinar either through Teams or within Dynamics 365 Marketing to make it easier to collaborate and set up webinars effectively.

Improve your audience engagementDynamics 365 Marketing with Teams webinars

Using Teams makes it much easier to engage with your online audience thanks to a wave of integrated features. You can use PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode to create compelling presentations that captivate your audience or use new features like Standout Mode to create a visual display that puts presenters in front of key content.

dynamics 365 marketing with Teams webinar

You can use Teams to glean key insights about your attendees in real-time using polls and surveys before, during or after your webinar. There is even attendance tracking functionality to see how successful your invitations were.

Build better relationships with simple follow-ups

Running webinars and virtual events through Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it far easier to follow up with your attendees after the webinar.

All attendee engagement data can be transferred into Dynamics 365 Marketing to create useable data. This can then be directly inserted into various templates which can then be tailored to each attendee. The entire design of this process is incredibly simple, which makes follow-ups much easier and helps nurture relationships.

This fluid integration allows you to transform a single customer or attendee interaction into a meaningful business relationship. This, in turn, improves your brand recognition and increases your audiences loyalty and trust in you.

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