Microsoft Dynamics 365 already integrates with a wide range of software and platforms. Now the new Dynamics 365 App allows for Dynamics and Outlook to work closer together.

Microsoft has launched the new Dynamics 365 App, allowing users to view key information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 within Outlook.

Along with accessing contact information and key documents, the new solution makes it easier for users to associate emails to Dynamics 365 accounts and contacts, making it easier to ensure that key pieces of communications are always visible and not overlooked.

In our experience of trialling the Dynamics 365 App with Outlook, we've found that it’s user-friendly, intuitive and an excellent way to keep track of all account communications. In turn, this promotes better customer service.

If you’re interested in rolling out the app as part of your Dynamics setup and require assistance either with deployment or with Outlook, please get in touch.

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