Discover the benefits of a SharePoint intranet solution for your organisation.

Microsoft SharePoint is the ideal platform for creating and managing intranet solutions that are accessible both within the work place and on the go.

What is an intranet?

An intranet can be thought of as a private or internal
facing website. Alongside storing files (in a document management system
configuration), an intranet can be used as a central location for all
information relating to business operations, whether that’s HR policies or
worker shift patterns.

Similar to a website, an intranet can be configured to
publish news, updates or information that staff may need to be aware of, but that may not necessarily need to be public knowledge.   

Benefits of an intranet

An intranet can be used as an effective tool for
communicating important internal information such as company announcements,
company policies, and employee notices. They are particularly useful for large companies, or those where the workforce is spread across disparate locations.

Intranets are a successful method for engaging with staff. Unlike a one-off email (which can be missed or ignored) intranets are accessed multiple times a day. They can also display engaging formats such as video, graphics and images, further increasing the likelihood of staff engagement.

An intranet can also be a business efficiency driver. By pooling resources from across the business for staff to use, an organisation can reduce duplication of effort (eg. template documents can be shared, marketing materials circulated). This is also an effective way of standardising a company’s output as a company grows.

Microsoft SharePoint also allows staff to work and collaborate on documents simultaneously. This saves time and reduces the chance of error as a result of versioning.

SharePoint Intranet Projects

We develop bespoke intranets in Microsoft SharePoint designed to the specific requirements of organisations.

Through scoping and stakeholder engagement, we’ll determine exactly what your organisation needs to achieve with your intranet and provide suggestions as to the best way to achieve them.

Once agreed, we’ll then design and deliver your solution
either up front or in phases as per your requirements. This includes establishing access permissions for users, ensuring that staff can only access files and information relevant to their position.

Our solutions are built in either SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019 and can be made cloud-ready and accessible everywhere across devices.

Secured by default with Microsoft’s security, we can additionally protect access to your intranet with multi-factor authentication.

As a Microsoft Tier One partner, Akita can also provide any licences required for your SharePoint intranet. Equally, we can advise where existing Office 365 licences provide the relevant SharePoint permissions already.

To discuss a SharePoint intranet project and possible functionality, please get in touch.

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