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SharePoint Document Management System

Discover Microsoft SharePoint’s capabilities and features as a document management system (DMS).

Cloud File & Document Management With SharePoint Online

A SharePoint document management system provides organisations with a smarter solutions for storing, sharing and collaborating on documents, saving organisations time and money.

Akita specialises in developing custom SharePoint document management solutions that are tailored to organisations’ requirements. Whether your priorities are security, flexibility, or can scalability (for growth or multiple territories) we can deliver .

Akita also handles all aspects of the migration process to your new document management system, ensuring a smooth transition to SharePoint.

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SharePoint Document Management Solutions

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SharePoint Document Management Systems

About SharePoint Document Management Solutions

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Why Use A Document Management System?

A document management system is a software solution for centrally storing, managing and tracking files.

SMEs will typically use a file management solution (such as that found in Windows) for storing their documents and files. But as organisations grow, file managers can soon become overly complex. Important documents get lost in nests of folders and are undiscoverable with the basic search functionality available.

There’s often no fixed architecture to a file manager either, meaning any user can move (or delete) files as they please. And sharing information outside of an organisation can become difficult, particularly if data is sensitive. This is where a SharePoint document management solution can be of benefit.

SharePoint is provided with most common Microsoft business licensing, enabling organisations to get 1TB of cloud storage at no extra costs (more than many dedicated servers). Hosted in the cloud, a document management system in SharePoint can be made available to all users no matter their location. And with Microsoft 365’s advanced security features, it’s a far more secure way to manage your sensitive documents then traditional file share setups. Discover more about the features of SharePoint as a document management system below: 

SharePoint Document Management System
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SharePoint Document Management Features

Microsoft SharePoint Online operates as a multi-functional software solution for document management and collaboration.

It allows businesses to store files in a more intelligent and structured way, with access to documents based on role and requirement.

SharePoint also makes use of advanced search options to find documents. Alongside a powerful search bar, meta-tagging of documents allows users to cut through folders and filter for documents by type or association (e.g. all documents relating to a particular company, or all documents marked as contracts).

Document management in SharePoint is also fully secure thanks to Microsoft’s access control features. Access can be limited by Microsoft 365 user group or Azure AD security settings. Editing rights can also be restricted for ‘read-only’ access, while change logs of any editing performed in documents make content management in SharePoint simple. We can also build in approval stages, which alerts managers to changes to documents for them to approve.

Akita has developed document management systems in SharePoint with a range of other features. Find out more in our case studies: 

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Benefits of a document management system
Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits Of A Document Management System

Remote Collaboration

Work concurrently with colleagues on documents, pitches and projects wherever you are

Workflow Automation

Manage document processing and automate the approvals process to get sign-off faster.

Compliance & Policies

Stay compliant by ensuring legal and regulatory documents are up-to-date with alerts for when reviews are due.

Version Control

Ensure all users are working from a single version of documents, stopping duplication of effort and ensuring consistency of message and brand.

Simplify Search

No more hunting through file folders; business content can found with ease with advanced search and meta-tagging functions.

Storage At Scale

A SharePoint Document Management solution comes with 10GB of storage included with most Microsoft 365 business licensing – more than enough for most organisations.

SharePoint document management system
Document Management in SharePoint

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Industry Uses For SharePoint Document Management


Group and manage all related case materials and client information with advanced tagging.


Group and manage all related case materials and client information with advanced tagging.

Financial Services

Automate client documentation processing and store contracts and invoices securely.


Bring together project files and documents for compliance and make files easy to access on-site.


Store product documentation and orders and automate the upkeep of quality control reporting.


Store policy documents, claims and underwriting information.


Manage information on fundraising, track grant applications and store promotional resources.


Store lesson plans, resources and syllabuses by year group and surface content with advanced tagging.

An effective replacement for file servers

Microsoft SharePoint As A File Server

Included with Office 365 licences, SharePoint Online entitles organisations to 1TB of cloud storage at no extra charge, making it ideal to replace existing file servers

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SharePoint Document management
Take SharePoint With You

Always Available, Everywhere

SharePoint Online is cloud-based, hosted from Microsoft’s advanced infrastructure. Hosting files in a SharePoint Document Management System means an organisation can collaborate on documents live in the cloud, supporting remote working practices and working on the go.

It also means individuals in that organisation can access any required templates, sales collateral, presentations, or images as they need them, and share them in and outside of the organisation securely with ease.

Document Control Enhanced Security
Document Control System

Enhanced Security

SharePoint’s features make it excellent as a document control system. It allows for files and documents to be tracked by access and changes. This is important not only for viewing any user changes but also for security: documents containing personal data that get lost are technically a GDPR breach.

As with other Microsoft products, SharePoint is intuitive to use and manage. Tasks such as uploading and sharing documents can be performed simply, while administrators can make changes and updates to your document management system with ease.

SharePoint Document Management System For Hospice

Case Study: Document Management For Hospice

View more about how we've deployed a SharePoint document management solution for a hospice organisation:

Template SharePoint Online Solutions

QuickStart SharePoint

Our QuickStart packages offer a faster alternative to custom development, allowing organisations to adopt systems quicker.

Our QuickStart SharePoint packages come as a pre-configured setup, designed to suit the majority of organisations, and start at just £600. Our “Starter Site” package includes one branded SharePoint hub site and page, five departmental/subject sites, and standard libraries and navigation.

The idea behind our QuickStart packages is to implement systems with as little organisational disruption as possible and to do this, speed and simplicity are of the essence. Once a QuickStart SharePoint setup is deployed, we can scale and develop the system as required.

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UK SharePoint Experts

SharePoint With Akita Intelligent Solutions

Akita is a UK SharePoint expert and Microsoft Gold Partner. With over 20 years of experience in digital success solutions, we design, develop and support business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

We provide end-to-end services for the creation of professional and scalable Microsoft SharePoint document management and library solutions.

As part of our process, we’ll scope your requirements, then develop and structure your SharePoint instance to fit your operations. We’ll take time to design and style your document management system in line with your company’s website or branding. And we can provide training post-launch to ensure solution adoption.

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