Developers of canvas apps in Microsoft Power Apps will soon be able to deploy their solutions as Android and iOS mobile apps.

A huge leap forward for the application, deploying Microsoft Power Apps directly as mobile apps holds a number of potential benefits.

Smarter, Low-code Android & iOS App Creation

Power Apps had always been a way of creating advanced mobile apps with relative ease.

However, the compromise was often that Power Apps weren’t always straightforward to deploy on devices. Power Apps would often require a link to access and often require Microsoft authentication, slowing down the process of using the app.

As of December 2021, Power Apps will become a Mobile Application Development (MAD) platform. This new development will mean that Power Apps will be able to output APK and IPA file types. These will then be stored as an icon on a mobile device menu in the same way as any other type of iOS or Android app.

It will be possible to store multiple Power Apps under a single Power App icon, meaning organisations could have their own personalised app for all of their workflows and requirements.

What’s more, Power Apps will also support an improved level of branding and UX, making it more competitive as an app design platform.

The Future Of Microsoft Mobile Apps

The new development is a big step forward for Power Apps. It will mean organisations will now be able to push out relevant workplace apps to all users with ease using mobile device management technology (such as Intune), irrespective of their device.

mobile apps

The future of Power Apps in marketplaces is an area of interest for both developers and users alike. Previously, Power Apps solutions were mostly limited to Microsoft's AppSource marketplace. However, with the platform's growing popularity and the ease of creating Power Apps compared to traditional mobile apps, there is a possibility for them to be available in other marketplaces such as the Google Play store or Apple's Appstore.

This, coupled with changes to licensing, would make Power Apps more accessible to a wider audience, especially on iOS devices. However, it remains to be seen whether Apple would be willing to accommodate Microsoft apps flooding its store, and this speculation raises questions about the level of competition between these two tech giants.

Nevertheless, the ability to deploy Power Apps to both Android and iOS platforms with ease is undoubtedly a significant advantage for the platform, and this could bolster its competitiveness in the market.

With this increased exposure, it is expected that more developers will be encouraged to create innovative solutions using Power Apps, and users will have access to a wider range of apps to meet their needs.

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