Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact has shown its commitment to supporting nonprofit organisations worldwide by providing affordable and accessible technology solutions.

Among several new offerings, a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant offers free licensing and access to Microsoft’s sales CRM for up to five users, and heavily discounted licensing for users thereafter. This delivers nonprofits the technology to drive deeper engagement with their donors and deliver better customer engagement.

Eligibility And Application Process

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant is highly advantageous, saving nonprofits over £4,500 per year on buying licensing.

To access the nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant, organisations need to complete a registration form and provide proof of eligibility. Verification is conducted by TechSoup or their local partner, who may request additional information. Most organisations receive an email within ten business days with their eligibility results. Eligible organisations are then granted access to the Microsoft Nonprofit Hub, where they can explore and utilise various nonprofit grants and discounts.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is a comprehensive solution with the functionality to help nonprofits manage their donor relationships, volunteer engagements, and customer service processes efficiently.

One of the key strengths for nonprofits is donor and volunteer management. Nonprofits can easily track and manage donor information, including contributions, interactions, and preferences. This enables organisations to build stronger relationships with their supporters, tailor fundraising campaigns, and personalise communications to maximise donor engagement and retention.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise also provides nonprofits with efficient customer service tools. Organisations can centralise customer inquiries, complaints, and requests to ensure prompt and personalised responses.

Additionally, collaboration features such as document sharing, team calendars, and task assignments, allow staff and volunteers to work together more effectively.

With these features, nonprofits can enhance their stakeholder engagement and streamline their operations. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant provides free access for up to five users, meaning key team members can leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise without additional costs. And for organisations with larger teams, Microsoft provides heavily discounted pricing for additional users ensuring budget-friendly scalability.

microsoft dynamics 365 sales enterprise grant

Additional Nonprofit Offers

Alongside Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Microsoft offers a range of products and services tailored to nonprofits' needs with the Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator initiative. These include:

  • Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams empowers nonprofits by enhancing cybersecurity measures, reducing costs, and enabling staff and volunteers to work from anywhere. Nonprofits can utilise Microsoft 365's productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook while utilising Teams for simple collaboration.
  • Power BI: Power BI enables nonprofits to analyse data, measure impact, and gain valuable insights into organisational performance. By connecting to various data sources, nonprofits can create interactive reports and dashboards, visualise key performance indicators, and track program outcomes.
  • Azure: Azure offers nonprofits the ability to optimise costs while securely protecting workloads across hybrid environments. By leveraging Azure's scalable infrastructure, nonprofits can streamline operations, become more agile, and reduce expenses, while ensuring the security and protection of their data and applications.
  • Power Apps: Azure offers the capability to modernise processes and build customised applications. Nonprofits can streamline workflows, automate tasks, and create tailored solutions that address their unique operational needs.
  • Training and Support: Microsoft provides nonprofits with access to customised product training, live courses, and technical support to maximise the potential of their offerings. Nonprofits can enhance their digital skills through the Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits, which offers training specific to their needs. Additionally, the Nonprofit Digital Academy provides live, trainer-led courses covering topics such as Microsoft Teams, cybersecurity, and cloud storage.

Utilising The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Grant

Through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact is enabling nonprofits to use technology effectively. By streamlining processes, enhancing stakeholder engagement, and optimising operations, organisations can waste less time and have a better focus on their central missions. With affordable and accessible technology solutions available, nonprofits can drive positive change and achieve their goals more efficiently.

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